St Claire – A New World for The Sims 3

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St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3


Hi everyone! As promised, here is the long-awaited new world from me – St Claire – a fully featured, all EP small town/country/city world.

Please read and understand all information below about the world before installing, and especially before commenting about any issues you encounter. Click any image to view a larger version, and more images.

Situated on a peninsula, St Claire has fantastic sea views in almost every direction. There are 3 distinct areas that make up St Claire. Lets visit!

St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Bradford – a small sleepy town, where the founders of St Claire settled. Unfortunately since the district expanded many of the old homes have been demolished, leaving a select few historic properties on the main street and it has become more of a spa town. There are restaurants, spas, bookshops and even a quaint small town theatre.

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St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Stag Island is home to the farmers and beach dwelling folk of St Claire. There’s the secluded Willow Bay, the perfect place for pre-dawn fishing; Fairview, the commercial hub of Stag Island, featuring bars, clubs and all manner of shops and recreational areas for sims to spend their days, including Oak Park where they have lots of SimFests! The equestrian centres near Sunset Bay and Rapaki, with all its long walking tracks and stunning views will be attractive for all you horsey types!

St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
For more urban Sims, Downtown is the place to be. There are plenty of starter apartments in the slightly dilapidated but still pretty nice fringe suburb of Netherby, the perfect place for ambitious Sims to get their start. Downtown you will find many clubs & venues to set the night alight! There’s a wide variety of apartments, from super cheap basement apartments to SUPER expensive Kensington Brownstones & Penthouses with waterfront views.

St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3

I’ve included at least one of every community lot type in St Claire, and let me tell you that is a *lot* of community lots. Holy cow! I’ve also built and furnished a whooole bunch of houses/apartments, with the help of HannahJo & SimsArtGallery, and it took an absolute eternity – mostly because I built too many and got bored of decorating them all. You will notice that some houses are just completely empty :P There are enough fully furnished ones though, that townies will move in and you should be spoiled for choice of houses to move your sims into! While there are a ton of houses, there are still a TON of empty lots for you to plop your own houses down :) If the lot sizes are weird, you can always delete them and replace with whatever size you want, I left lots of space for you to customise to your needs.

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Weather type - Clear - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Weather type - Partly Cloudy - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Weather type - Overcast - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Weather type - Stormy - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Weather type - Pleasant - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
The world has custom skies/weather type dealies, which cycle through randomly, overlapping and blending to magnificent effect. Its hard to accurately picture the individual styles in game, but here are a few shots of the weather from in CAW. In St Claire, there is a lesser chance of a string of perfectly clear days – the most predominant weather is partly cloudy, with a pretty good chance of an overcast or stormy day. I think its realistic and kindof awesome, as I get super sick of perfect days all the time. If, when you load the hood, you notice that the skies are completely blank, please exit to the main menu and re-enter the world. This is a known bug that happens with all worlds, custom or otherwise. I have to do it in my game and it is annoying but you only have to do it once per play session so it’s not a big deal.

This world was made using ALL EXPANSION PACKS up to and including Showtime. NO STUFF PACKS are required.
Please do not ask me to release a world with fewer packs, or ask if it will work if you don’t have [__] E.P., because it won’t. Well, I have been getting a number of reports that it *WILL* indeed work without all the EP’s, the various showtime lots etc just get changed to generic community lots and the items replaced. So it might be worth your while having a crack at it if you don’t have all the EP’s. It might look a little strange though. because I have fully used all the items within the expansions I’ve used :)

Non-EA Custom Content – Included in world file
Included in the world file you will find 8 terrain paints, made to match the terrain paints used in the world.

Non-EA Custom Content – Not included in world file
Awesims Cornices

To install the world, simply extract the file from the rar, double click the Sims3Pack file to install it via the launcher. Install any cc you might need following the links above. To install the save game, all you have to do is extract the folder from the rar, and copy that folder to you My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Saves folder. Then load up the game and save and play!

Known Issues
You may notice that when you first load the world, all fog emitters emit just fog – this is a known bug that can’t be changed. It is fixed by saving, quitting to the main menu then reloading the save. You’ll only have to do this once.

If you encounter lag
Is it right when you load the world for the first time? If so, that is most likely the world spawning register clerks & townies to fill the jobs needed in the town. If it is later in game play, then there could be a sim or animal stuck somewhere. I suggest you install Twallans Overwatch mod, to check if there are any stuck sims/animals in the town. It happens sometimes, but is easy to fix by resetting any stuck sims that are found with Overwatch. The mod also cleans up the hood every night of cars that have built up and are abandoned by townies, plus a host of other great features. I highly recommend getting it if you don’t have it already.

All gobos & effects machines and blacklights in lots are reset when the world or lot is exported. You will be able to see a general colour theme in the lots I have created, so feel free to change the gobo lights to match whatever the general theme is in that lot. One lot in particular is “Dancing with the Stars” the high rise dance club Downtown. The top 2 floors of this building are designed to have blacklights on, for maximum effect! I highly recommend turning them on, and changing the gobo lights to purple and orange :)

Save Game File
To get your population started in St Claire, I have included a save game file including 9 families, lets briefly meet them shall we?

Naomi Haskins - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
First up we have Naomi Haskins. Naomi is a childish diva with aspirations of fame! She lives in a Netherby basement apartment with her adorable partner in crime Biscuit. Its small beginnings but she’s determined to succeed!

Kenya Oakley - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Former model Kenya Oakley recently moved into the stylish Portobello neighbourhood in order to completely change her life. She decided a career as a stage magician was the only way to go! She’s super handy, perceptive and LOVES the great outdoors, which made St Claire the perfect place for her to begin her new career.

Yaeko Kensei - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Yaeko Kensei also lives in the Portobello area with her two best friends Mimi & Kiko. This sweet yet a little bit snobby girl dreams of becoming a superstar athlete and is highly disciplined so is sure to achieve her goals!

Teague Family - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Kori, Lavar and their daughter Anitra Teague are lifelong residents of St Claire. Lavar is a bit of a workaholic, is very artistic and is generally a good sort, he dreams of being a vocal legend, while Kori aspires to be a fashion phenomenon! Anitra can be childish and a bit clumsy at times she is generally a sweetheart.

Holder Family - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Across the road from the Teagues live the rich and successful Holder family. Randal Holder was a successful Doctor and moved his family to St Claire for better opportunities in the medical career. His wife Kenisha loves cooking and riding horses, and can sometimes be a little snobby. She is a stay at home mum for Cody & Rickie, and who can forget wee Dusty the beloved family pet!

Villegas Family - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Though a complete loner with commitment issues, Quentin Villegas has somehow found himself with a long term girlfriend and a CHILD! He wouldn’t change a thing! He lives with Lillian and Eadie in historic Bradford, but travels into the city to further his musical career, while Lillian works to become an actor.

Bilson Family - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Sophie Bilson is… a little bonkers. She lives in Wickliffe Point with all her animals – Princess Chloe the cat, Pierre Cutiebottom the dog and Blossom the horse. She is the very definition of an animal lover and I don’t think these will be the only animals she has. I sense an episode of Animal Hoarders coming on…

Takashi Family - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
Yoshi & Nikki Takashi are cooool cats. Nikki is a fabulous interior designer, while Yoshi curates the local art gallery. They live in their beautiful Tussock Bay home with their daughter Carmen and their dogs Spook & Imogen.

Sarah James - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3
And finally, there’s me. Give my Sim a pet will ya? She likes kitties. Lots of kitties…

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St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3

So there you have it! I don’t think there’s anything else to mention. There will no doubt be small problems with the world, as with any world. If you come across any problems that you just can’t fix up yourself real quick, please let me know in the comments so I can fix them up for the next update (I usually do one EP update per world)

I will leave you with some (ok a lot, plus there are more at my Tumblr) of pictures of St Claire, and I sincerely hope you enjoy playing it! Now onto the next world…

Click image below for additional images
Rapaki Track - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Kensington Brownstones - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3The Outlook Restaurant - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Public Library - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Plaza - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Park Avenue - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Marbecks Karaoke Bar - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Suburb of Netherby - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Civic Centre - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Civic Centre - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Downtown Department Stores - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Brickworks in Portobello - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Willow Bay - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Sawyers Beach - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Fairview Shoppes - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Fairview School - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Fairview Homes - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Fairview Cafe - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Fairview Boardwalk - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Bradford Views - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Bradford Storm - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Bradford Rotunda - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Bradford Main Street - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Bradford Main Street - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3Bradford Church & Cemetary - St Claire - A new world for The Sims 3

If you enjoy what I create
If you enjoy the creations I make, whether it be objects, furniture, patterns or worlds, please consider donating to Awesims by clicking the donate button to the right. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Download the St Claire World File (Showtime version).  |  downloaded 56043 times
Download the St Claire Save Game (Showtime version).  |  downloaded 25075 times

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  1. 04 / 30 / 12

    Christina says:

    <33 Thank you SO much for sharing this. I've been anticipating the release for a long time!!

  2. 04 / 30 / 12

    Christina says: that came out funny!

  3. 04 / 30 / 12

    Sarah says:

    LOL, Christina!

  4. 04 / 30 / 12

    Ashlynn says:

    I know that you will not respond if we are asking whether the world will or wont work without an expansion pack. But i dont have showtime…. so i am not sure if anyone else is playing without it?

  5. 04 / 30 / 12

    Alan_Gast says:

    It looks gorgeous! Too bad I only have two EPs installed..

    Oh well, I can always drool over the pictures!

  6. 04 / 30 / 12

    Cecilia says:

    Ooooh I’ve been waiting for this like a madwoman! :) Thank you so much, Sarah!!

  7. 04 / 30 / 12

    gelfling says:

    Ooooh! *dashes off to download and install then rushes back to thank Sarah*
    Thank you very, very much :)

  8. 04 / 30 / 12

    Lauren says:

    Amazing work! I love it so much.

  9. 04 / 30 / 12

    Seline says:

    will download it once i get showtime :-(

  10. 04 / 30 / 12

    shante says:

    As soon as I get Showtime, I’ll spend the whole summer in this world! Thank you Sarah!

    I’m also very curious about the second world you’re working on, hope to see some pics soon! :-)

  11. 04 / 30 / 12

    Jess says:

    Yay! I’m so excited! Definitely buying showtime now. I’m happy to see the New Zealand-y things included in this world. Is that the band rotunda and Tiffany’s that I spy? Amazing work!

  12. 04 / 30 / 12

    Jess says:

    Actually looks more like the Curators house, my bad! Uber familiar though!

  13. 04 / 30 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Haha good spotting, Jess :D I build what I see (well, approximately) :P

  14. 05 / 01 / 12

    Dutchysim says:

    This must be such a relieve Sarah, finally sharing this world!
    I know everybody is going to love it. I do!
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us :)

  15. 05 / 01 / 12

    Neuroticrobotic says:

    This world is stunning and inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing – I can only imagine how much time and effort went into making a world like this. <3

  16. 05 / 01 / 12

    Errol says:

    Thank you so much! I totally appreciate your work. It is so beautiful and I have been waiting for this! I LOVE IT! I’ll be creating families for it all day!

  17. 05 / 01 / 12

    Crystal says:

    FINALLY. Oh thanks so much, can’t wait to test this out, I don’t have Ambitions but I’m almost ready to reinstall it if it screws the world up to much. I’ll come back soon and let everyone know how the world runs on a relatively low-end PC.

  18. 05 / 01 / 12

    KosmoKhaos says:

    Wow this is a VERY beautiful world! Even though I can’t download it because I don’t have Showtime I just HAD to give you props for this one! It’s very realistic and well decorated without being excessive and seems to have actual thought put into it. ◕‿◕ ♡♥

  19. 05 / 01 / 12

    daluved says:

    I love your worlds!! I can’t wait to play it!

    If only EA would put as much thought into world building as you do.

  20. 05 / 01 / 12

    Vkitty says:

    Oh wow! The world is gorgeous, thank you!

  21. 05 / 01 / 12

    Louis says:

    I cant download, everytime it keeps saying the download has been interupted?? been trying for over an hour :(

  22. 05 / 01 / 12

    Kate says:

    Wow looks amazing, can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much!

  23. 05 / 01 / 12

    Megan says:

    Has anyone else tried without Showtime? Does the world really not work at all without it? I would think it would just leave empty lots or replace the objects.

  24. 05 / 01 / 12

    Louis says:

    Please can someone help me?? it just wont download :(

  25. 05 / 01 / 12

    Miuki says:

    Your worlds are getting better and better! You’ve done an amazing job! Thank you for sharing!

  26. 05 / 01 / 12

    Nilxis says:

    Great job Sarah! Looking at the pictures I can say you’ve put a lot of effort on making this, and the result is gorgeous! I love it :D

  27. 05 / 01 / 12

    Louis says:

    is there anywhere else i can download this?

  28. 05 / 01 / 12

    Errol says:

    Hey, Louis. Try a different internet browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox. Sometimes, I have to switch browsers to get certain downloads to work. I assure you it will work!

  29. 05 / 01 / 12

    Chicago says:

    Beautiful world. It was worth the wait and I can’t wait to try this out.

  30. 05 / 01 / 12

    Mary says:

    It looks absolutely amazing! i cant wait to play!!!:D

  31. 05 / 01 / 12

    Alice says:

    Itll be tough but I’m moving my whole neighborhood to this town. Its perfect for my sim.

  32. 05 / 01 / 12

    Jess says:

    When you say all expansion packs, do you mean stuff packs as well? If not then OMG I LOVE YOU ETERNALLY THE WORLD IS SO BEAUTIFUL I WANT TO EAT IT. If not then ‘oh. Ok. That’s fine… ‘ *creys* You put so much effort into your content and it looks so beautiful. Who needs weather with skies like that?!

  33. 05 / 01 / 12

    Sarah says:

    No stuff packs are required, Jess :)

  34. 05 / 01 / 12

    Lisa says:

    Wow! I have all of the EPs andI can’t wait to play in this world! I love the idea of custom skies! . I have a feeling this will be my favorite world to play. Going to install now and move all my sims. Thank you!!!! Will post a follow up for sure.

  35. 05 / 01 / 12

    grym says:

    awesome world, by far the best ive seen.
    don’t know if its just me, but i don’t spot a criminal career rabbit hole anywhere…

  36. 05 / 01 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Grym, there is a criminal hideout in Northcote :)

  37. 05 / 01 / 12

    grym says:

    thanks lol it’s like the largest building there

  38. 05 / 01 / 12

    Amber Lights says:

    Literally SCREAMING.
    I am so excited to go in game, and to be honest, this gave me so much inspiration for next generation of my legacy. I love how convienient it all is, and it's going to be SO fun to incorporate new fun travels into my blog.

    I appreciate your hardwork so much, thank you for creating this. <333

  39. 05 / 01 / 12

    Joy says:

    This world looks simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Thank you so much for sharing it.
    Thank you.

  40. 05 / 01 / 12

    sinem says:

    Your new world is just amazing, all the townhouses, beach houses, colonial houses, ranch houses. all of them are great :D <3 u

  41. 05 / 01 / 12

    Kristin says:

    Oh it’s beautiful! I don’t have showtime so it’s a no go for me but I’ll definitely bookmark it in case I get it sometime soon.
    Thanks for bringing some beauty to the Sims world.

  42. 05 / 01 / 12

    Lisfyfre says:

    OH!!!! It’s gorgeous Sarah!! Great job :) Since I don’t have PETS and SHT, I can’t get this but I’ll just sit back and drool :) I’m almost tempted to go out and buy them just for this but at this time I won’t be doing that :)

  43. 05 / 01 / 12

    Erica says:

    I love this world so much. I usually am not a huge fan of big worlds but this one is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  44. 05 / 01 / 12

    Sarah says:

    This is fantastic! I am sooo thrilled to finally find a word where the creator didn’t forget to leave some empty lots! I have every expansion and stuff pack, and with most user-created worlds, there’s either not enough room for my own lots, or various combinations of expansion lots missing. One question– how are the spawners around town? Are they all included?

  45. 05 / 01 / 12

    Jenny says:

    This is awesome!!!
    Soo excited to check it out, i have needed a new world for quite some time.
    Thanks so much for your talent!!!

  46. 05 / 01 / 12

    Renata says:

    Amazing world… I’m in love, thanks so much for sharing with us. =)

  47. 05 / 01 / 12

    Simmie says:

    Hi Sarah, this is absolutely beautiful and so well thought out. You have an excellent eye for detail. Before I download though I just want to ask if this is on a large map.

  48. 05 / 01 / 12

    Shirley says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing, Sarah.

  49. 05 / 01 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Hi Sarah, regarding spawners, all the spawners except for the destination ones are there :)

  50. 05 / 01 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Hi Simmie, it is on a large map but doesn’t take up that much actual space on the map. The world isn’t actually as big as it seems, and on my pretty crummy laptop, it runs very very well!

  51. 05 / 01 / 12

    Mergi says:

    Thank you so much for your work. It´s amazing.

  52. 05 / 01 / 12

    Jess says:

    Wow, I love everything that I’ve read so far – including all of the family descriptions.

    Really, really great job. I can’t wait to play it. Also, your ‘you’ sim could almost be me, so I might take her over and make her me! What an odd sentence… and sorry to violate your sim like that! haha

  53. 05 / 02 / 12

    Megan says:

    GREAT NEWS! Just thought I’d let everyone know that I’m playing without Showtime, and it’s been an absolute joy! The world is gorgeous and runs so smoothly despite its size! The game just corrected the Showtime lots as something else or left them as unlabeled community lots. I haven’t tried going into any of those lots yet, but the game is running great, so I’d suspect the Showtime objects have just been left out/replaced.

    Thank you so much for the lovely world. It’s really just perfect.

  54. 05 / 02 / 12

    Chelle says:

    I spent most of yesterday in this world. It is absolutely lovely! Your worlds never disappoint.

  55. 05 / 02 / 12

    catvonpaxton says:

    Sarah do you know about another way to install a world accept he launcher? Idk why, but it dosent let me install your world…When i ‘check’ the world the install button stays greyed out…Thinking about reinstalling all S3, but if there is a work arround i would appreciate it…

  56. 05 / 02 / 12

    ShaneyBoy says:

    Awesome world, downloaded! <3

  57. 05 / 02 / 12

    Sarah says:

    megan thanks for that information! If you could report back as to what happens if you visit the showtime lots, I’d appreciate it a lot, so I can let people who don’t have Showtime know that they may still be able to run the world!

  58. 05 / 02 / 12

    Sarah says:

    LOL Jess, violate away! (wow that sounds filthy, hahah)

  59. 05 / 02 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Hey Cat, have you tried creating a new The Sims 3 Folder in my docs? rename your existing one, then try instaling the world with a fresh clean copy. If that works you can just copy over your saves/downloads etc from your old folder. Worth a shot? If that doesn’t work… then I’m not sure, sorry!

  60. 05 / 02 / 12

    vampyrelucia says:

    Very nice world but sadly I do not have Showtime.

  61. 05 / 02 / 12

    ruanne says:

    I love this town so much! I have a bit of a problem though, I keep having the pausing problem that is similar to the Redcliff’s pausing problem. It’s really annoying me but I love this town so much and I don’t know what I did wrong. T_T

  62. 05 / 02 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Ruanne, when is it pausing? Is it right when you load the world for the first time? If so, that is the world spawning register clerks & townies to fill the jobs needed in the town. If it is later in game play, then there could be a sim or animal stuck somewhere. I suggest you install Twallans Overwatch mod, to check if there are any stuck sims/animals in the town. It happens sometimes, but is easy to fix by resetting any stuck sims that are found with Overwatch. The mod also cleans up the hood every night of cars that have built up and are abandoned by townies, plus a host of other great features. I highly recommend getting it if you don’t have it already.

  63. 05 / 02 / 12

    Elin says:

    Omg! It is absolutely gergous!
    Thank you! My horses will be so happy to move to this world.

    And my sims too, ofcourse ;)

  64. 05 / 02 / 12

    Ashlynn says:

    Everyone!! I am also playing without Showtime and it is running great!

    Havent vistied the lots yet but so far no problem :)

  65. 05 / 02 / 12

    Ashlynn says:

    Hey Sarah,

    Okay so I have found a few problems so far with the game, I am not sure if its because I do not have showtime or what. But the Victorian Brownstone in downtown, (I believe it is the one for 140,000) has a fire start in the BBQ out of nowhere. Also, I have a family with 3 toddlers and so far, almost all of the houses I have placed them in have routing issues. In the Brownstone, the families were starving because the parents would not move or put the children down. And in all the cases, the babies were always stuck so the parents could never pick them up.


  66. 05 / 02 / 12

    Shirley says:

    I’ve been playing St Claire all day! Just finished recreating Don Draper’s new apartment, from Mad Men, in one of the skyscrapers :-)

  67. 05 / 02 / 12

    Gen says:

    I’m having a weird problem. My saved games from this world aren’t showing up in the Main Menu (they’re in my saved games folder, but don’t show in the Main Menu). I have all EPs and SPs. I even started a new game in Starlight Shores, saved, exited, opened the Main Menu, and the save was there. I did the same with a different custom world I downloaded, and had no issues.

    I think I’ll try with the saved game you provided, to see if that fixes anything… I’m determined to play this world, gosh darnit!!!

  68. 05 / 03 / 12

    Una says:

    Sarah, this is one amazing world. So far you haven’t created a world that I didn’t like and St. Claire is no exception. now I have to get SHT ASAP :)

  69. 05 / 03 / 12

    Crystal says:

    I don’t have Ambitions and I got the objects replaced message but otherwise the world seems to run fine, no skipping/glitches or crashes as of yet but I haven’t played too much. I’d say it should be fine to run the world without some expansions, you’ll just not have the expansion stuff in your game. Give it a try,.

  70. 05 / 03 / 12

    Rilan says:

    Lovely world! Just wanted to let you know it works fine WIHTOUT Showtime — I thought at worst, I’d have to fill in some holes left from community lots not being present but everything seems to be where it is supposed to. Play tested for about half an hour with no hiccups. :)


  71. 05 / 03 / 12

    Gen says:

    Oh, yay! I fixed my problem by letting the game create a new Sims 3 folder in My Documents. Hopefully it’s not a sign of worse things to come, lol… ^^;

  72. 05 / 03 / 12

    Jess says:

    OMG you have no idea how happy that makes meee!!!! ^_^ I’m downloading it now – I’ve never been able to download really awesome worlds like this because I don’t have stuff packs but NOW I CAN!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  73. 05 / 03 / 12

    Athertonian says:

    Hey! I LOVE St. Claire! Thanks so much for making it! The lay out is wonderful and all the detail is exquisite. @.@ The downtown really FEELS like a city!

    I’ve been having some troubles though– seemingly randomly during play– sometimes after hours, once right at the start, my game freezes. My whole computer doesn’t appear to be frozen, I can still hear my itunes in the backgrounds, but I can’t move my mouse of alt+tab and nothing on the screen is moving. Ctrl+alt+del doesn’t work either. My only choice is to completely reboot my computer or– I just discovered– hibernate it. When it comes back on I have control again.

    I tried playing in my other worlds and after hours, didn’t experience any freezing. I’m going to try Queenstown and maybe check if I just have a problem with your worlds– I HOPE not. I really, really want to play in St. Claire.

  74. 05 / 03 / 12

    Pink says:

    OMG! Love it! The world is beautiful and sooo functional. Just love it. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Now,let’s play! \o/

  75. 05 / 03 / 12

    Julia says:

    I installed this world as how you told to do it, but my Sims 3 Launcher says the installation failed. I tried it several times, but every time it failed.
    When I push ‘download’ in my Sims 3 Launcher, to install the world, it loads but then he says ‘Failed’.
    What can I do to make this amazing world work?

  76. 05 / 03 / 12

    Athertonian says:

    Disregard my post and freezing– I just froze again while not running the Sims at all. >.> So the problem is on my end, sorry! On the upside, if I ever get it sorted out I’ll be able to play in St. Claire! @.@

  77. 05 / 03 / 12

    shante says:

    Awww Sarah, this world is AWESOME! Although I haven’t bought Showtime yet, I’ve downloaded it and it works! You’ve shown the potential of all the items that come with each EP and I simply cannot believe that you haven’t used any CC! (I don’t count cornices cause they’ve always been a must-have for me).

    You are simply amazing.

  78. 05 / 03 / 12

    JazSimmer says:

    You are by far one of the most talented CAW creators I have ever seen. I have downloaded all your neighbourhoods and this one is no exception. Keep up the brilliant work. Your eye for detail and making a simming community come to life is undescribable. THANK YOU!!

  79. 05 / 04 / 12

    Amelia says:

    haven’t played it yet but i’m psyched! it looks very unique and a fun world for every type of sim! i have a feeling i’ll pick this a lot!

  80. 05 / 04 / 12

    RanaPeach says:

    I am so bummed, when others were reporting that it worked fine without Showtime, I downloaded this most amazing world. Unfortunately, when I try to load the world my game crashes before the world loads. Any suggestions?

  81. 05 / 04 / 12

    In Awe says:

    I haven’t downloaded this yet, but I have to tell you it is absolutely STUNNING. Beautiful, beautiful work.

  82. 05 / 04 / 12

    Dianca Rock` says:

    Beautiful Work, I downloaded it and it’s playing fine except for you have a few deco items that’s blocking sims paths. The apartment building with the glass in front decorated with sims pictures and a china cabinet. It’s on the wealthier side of the Island. There’s a china cabinet that’s blocking the door, so the sims can’t get out. Twallan’s SP kept alerting me to the sim not going to work, so that’s how I figured out the path blockage. That’s usually not a big deal, but since it’s an apartment building, I can’t go into build mode and delete it because it’s outside of the unit. I just wanted to let you know. I’m still play testing it, I have SP disable all pet immigration, so there’s no pets to cause lag. So i’m thinking the it may be coming from deco items? Not sure but I’ll get an address to that apt for you, in case you want to fix it.

  83. 05 / 04 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Dianca Rock`,

    You can go into build mode and enter the testingcheatsenabled true cheat code then restrictbuildbuyinbuildings false cheat to move the cabinet if you choose to. I’ll need an address thanks :) It was probably a style decision to put the cabinet there, but yeah I’ll need the address to have a look thanks :)

  84. 05 / 05 / 12

    RanaPeach says:

    Fixed my problem….even though you don’t have Showtime EP you DO still have to have the showtime update…..duh! After updating the game, the world loads fine. I am currently building a home for my family, will update after playing for a while if any other problems arise. Thanks for such a beautiful world Sarah. I hate the way EA sets up worlds only for the current EP, it’s nice to have room to add venues to the world.

  85. 05 / 05 / 12

    Dianca Rock` says:

    Okay Thanks Sarah, I was hoping you would just tell me how you did it, and then I can fix those little problems on my own!! Oh by the way, I think it’s fantastic that you left a lot of lots unfurnished. This is my first time really being able to play one of your worlds (New Computer), and I thought that was brilliant personally. I love to decorate, but I’m a crappy builder. So I’m having a grand ole time in your world, adding my own little personal touches…I love the Architect career. And the fact you added a chapel and a second school, lets me know, this is a world for legacy play..Also it’s not really huge, I’m amazed you were able to put as much in this world without making it humongous. Great Job…I’ll keep you posted.

  86. 05 / 06 / 12

    shante says:

    Hey, Sarah! I’ve been wandering around St Claire (getting more and more amazed, if that’s even possible) and came across two empty residential lots without street name. They’re in Old Town part, between Bradford Playground and the cemetery. it’s not a problem but thought I should let you know. ;-)

  87. 05 / 06 / 12

    A Silberman says:

    What is the address of the apartment that needs to be tweaked?

  88. 05 / 06 / 12

    Nicole says:

    This looks amazing! I’ve been neglecting my sims lately, but now I’m about to start playing nonstop. Thank god I’m on summer break :) Your worlds are my favorite!

  89. 05 / 06 / 12

    Mysti says:

    First of all I wanna say Thank you for making awesome sandboxes to put my dollies in and play with. I have been in love with your worlds since Redcliffs and I am super excited about this world. It will mean I have to learn where all the gems and stuff are but you always pack a lot in and Since just found out there is a sim career for collecting (when did we get this) it makes your worlds fantastic.

    Also THANKS for having empty houses! Hey I love empty houses. Why? because then my Architect sims have blank canvases to decorate. EPIC. now i have to go in Queenstown and save all my favorite families and prep them for the move to “the new world” Soo excited *hops* Thank you again, for making a good game awesome.

  90. 05 / 06 / 12

    Jessica says:

    This world looks absolutely amazing! I loved your other two (the are the only two I will play in). I’m going out to purchase Showtime later just so I can play this world! Thank you :)

  91. 05 / 07 / 12

    Jen says:

    I was so pleasantly surprised to see you’d been at it again with your beautiful world-building! I can’t wait to try this one out. Thanks so much for all your efforts — CAW takes a ton of investment. Looks magnificent!

  92. 05 / 07 / 12

    Charlie says:

    Awesims I first want to say that this is one of the most realistic and beautiful worlds I have played. I simply can not leave to visit another place because there is so much to see and do here. You have found a way to cause ppl to be so imaginative and creative by simply walking through you distinctive neighborhoods it is unbelievable. I thank you so much for sharing this with us. Now that that is said, I need to tell you of an issue that I have found continuously throughout the city. I am slowly going through my game and fixing the problem but it is MAJORLY time consuming. The problem is sims get stuck behind walls if you (reset everything) when you start to have lag. Yes I use master controller mod but this is also an issue when NPC like bartenders/cashiers are added to the game by story progression. The solution was found when I went into “RestrictBuilBuyInBuildings false” and realized you have “public markers” behind walls that would otherwise NOT allow access, thereby trapping the sim between decorative walls that you could just paint black. I find this is down A LOT. You must know something I don’t otherwise why make even walled in gardens with “public markers”? Please share why you do this. Does this do something for the game. I find that if you simply remove the markers it will remove the lag caused by sims being trapped in areas that have no exits but have “public markers”. I have only repaired the area with the brownstone appts. along with all the other appts. in that district area. The apartment with the blonde and dog I had to put the bed and a chair in front of the window (also added a hidden room marker outside the bedroom window)due to the dog getting trapped outside the bedroom window in a gated (non-access) area. The appt right next door the shower faces the sink and sim cannot use it so it just needed to be turned a bit. Sorry I wrote so much. But you said to report MAJOR ISSUES. PLEASE if you could closely review ALL “markers” so that sims don’t get trapped and cause lag. Thank you for this WONDERFUL world and I will fix my markers (though time consuming) because it is worth it to be here, but others may not want to take the time and just stop coming due to trapped sims.

  93. 05 / 07 / 12

    Alexpilgrim says:

    It’s absolutely stunning, I can hardly believe someone can make such a beautiful and complete world! I tried playing with it but unfortunately my computer can’t handle large worlds, and even though I love it it was just too painfully sloooooow even with low graphic settings and I had to stop after a few sim days for the sake of my sanity. Still, I got the chance to see how nicely done it is and the enjoyable gameplay opportunities it gives. I started playing with your self-sim (such a nice idea to include her!) and even gave her studio a little makeover, in nice retro mid-century style, of course. Congratulations, sincerely!

  94. 05 / 07 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Charlie, designating gardens public areas reduces the cost of apartments, so that is why I chose to do that. If you can send me lot addresses I can look into it.

  95. 05 / 07 / 12

    Charlie says:

    Ok, but it will take me some time okay. I am so happy to help you. I love ALL of your worlds. I wouldn’t miss ANY world you created. I’m a huge fan. Will try and work on this today. But having movie night with the kids later. If I don’t respond with a list today, I should have one for you tomorrow. Bye :-)

  96. 05 / 07 / 12

    Dianca Rock says:

    Hi okay I was able to get the address to a couple of apt. Fairview Apt, and 14 Collins st. I have a question about the public markers myself, I understand why there in the apartment buildings, to allow NPC access to stairs and laundry facilities. But I did notice some public markers in the black area too. So I’m tweaking the world myself, to reduce lag and sims deco blockage. The world is fantastic, trust me, I wouldn’t take the time if it wasn’t so nicely built. It’s a true legacy world so I plan to stay here for awhile. I really can’t find any complaints that I can’t fix myself. MasterController will reset a sim into the dark non routable areas of pretty much all worlds, so it’s not just this one. I did a total reset in Setra and Jericho and it happened there as well. So it’s not a problem with your world and Master Controller. Another thing I personally did, was go and delete alot of the registers because there’s a mod now, that you can use to generate sims for certain lots…With registers you add a Role playing sim to the world, and that will take away from your own custom sims. I left the registers with the cosignment shops and the cyber cafe, but got rid of those I felt were unnecessary. That will help with lag also.

  97. 05 / 07 / 12

    Charlie says:

    Okay, here’s the deal. After about an hour of testing I have resolved the issue for the lot that I noticed the problem at. The lot in question is TOP FLOOR STARTER APARTMENTS 11 Collins Street. Every time I hit reset all objects, my sims were sent to the 2nd floor apartment, sometimes between the walls. I learned (through trial and error) that if the room has a hidden marker the doors will no longer work and the sim is then trapped inside. To fix this apartment, so that the sim doesn’t get trapped if the player resets the game, I had to remove the hidden room marker AND the walls that had no entry points (interior side walls so that it is simply one room). I then only need one marker for this room as it must be marked “public” so that the sim may exit the room. You can not block this door as the sim must be allowed to exit this room that the game continuously resets them too. I hope this helps. I am sorry, but this means that I would need to place a team of sims into each lot and hit reset everything to check to see which buildings this occurs in. THAT’s A LOT OF WORK! I simply don’t have the time to do that for you today. I do hope that my info helps you to check other lots. Maybe tomorrow I can go to edit town and add 3sims to each house then go ingame and hit reset all. Then individually go into each house and see who is stuck and where. Any sim that is stuck you could focus on that room to set as public and rid of all unnecessary walls to keep sims from getting stuck. Not to change the subject but, WOW! This made me see all the decorations in all the apartments and I LOVE IT! So chic and sophisticated!

  98. 05 / 07 / 12

    Charlie says:

    Sorry I forgot to say thank you for explaining why you add public room markers to the garden areas. I went and tested and found the price does change if you remove the public markers. Very smart. The issue at hand is to pinpoint where sims are being directed when a player hits “rest everything” using Master Controller. Then you can take the steps needed to make that area (floor) public (removing all interior walls in that area) so sims don’t get stuck. You have a good reason to make public areas. You should keep them. Just need to pinpoint where sims are continually being reset and make it rout able. Thanks. I will work on this too when I am bored later ;-)

  99. 05 / 07 / 12

    Xtremez says:

    awesome world :) thankss so much i was hoping for a world like this. its truly beautiful words cannot describe xD. though there are a few share of problems first time i played this there was a freeze every few seconds it might be on my side though cause i added alot of houses and sims but when i made a new game it didnt lag. and at the start it said items could not be found and replaced with default. but i have all the e.p and downloaded the awesim cornices its not a problem though. i hope you release a patch or fix soon for smoother gameplay if not, its still playable thanks alot for this awesome world !!!!

  100. 05 / 08 / 12

    Illyianna 2005 says:

    I have been playing St.Claire and I really love it, I made it my main world for play and even built it a Pier, I also posted about it on my Blog if your interested see here

    I think you did an amazing job, really, to me it is perfect so keep up creating great Worlds.

  101. 05 / 08 / 12

    Marsha says:

    Hi Sarah,

    May I say the work that you have put into this world is just amazing, the creativity brilliant but then I have been following you since sims 2 and well what can I say but you are so clever. The only problem I seem to be experiencing with the world is at the gym my personal cas will not under any circumstances gain her first level atheletic skill while working out at the gym. She becomes exhausted and returns home to shower and rest and her skill level is back to zero. Is this a problem with my sim or a glitch in the matrix do you think. The world is just beautiful btw.

  102. 05 / 09 / 12

    sofia says:

    hey! i cant find the school, please help me

  103. 05 / 09 / 12

    Zing says:

    I was always afraid o instaling a new world, but when i read that works on your laptop,so i said to my self “GET IT”, and i did…. thank you so much and i’m loving it. Abd BTW i love your work in every way…. keep on Rocking :P

  104. 05 / 10 / 12

    Charlie says:

    Since my sims were having an issue with the markers. I have made all the townhouses/apartments one house on the insides, but on the outsides it still appears as an apartment. I like the look. Looks real. I have removed all markers and interior walls that a sim could get trapped behind. I now have no lag at all. I added an elevator at dancing with the stars because the spiral stairs don’t work. It still looks AMAZING. I love so much about this place that it wold be hard to pin point one thing, but I must say if I had to tell someone to go see something here it would be the “sand dunes”. Most impressed with that, as I know of no one else who has done it and done it so realistically. Thank you so much for this world. I have been playing her for days and yet I feel like there still is so much I haven’t seen yet. Thanks again. Your work is awesim ;p

  105. 05 / 10 / 12

    Aelryn says:

    Used your stuff for quite a while and have to do so again now that I like to play sims3 again :P Thank you very much for your work. I look forward to play with this world of yours since I love your other ones. They are so full of life – those little things – which EAs Worlds lack.

  106. 05 / 11 / 12

    Elena says:

    OMG THIS IS AMAZING! But how do i get the worlds into the game? Am I right when i think i have to copy the downloaded file into some folder?

  107. 05 / 11 / 12

    Mysti says:

    So I have been playing this for a sim week and Wandering around looking for gems and stuff because my main sims daughter is a collector and I have only found one seed and the garden in back of the school yard. Howl long should I wait for things to spawn? I think there are fish but No bugs yet, no butterflies, no gems or metals. should I wait longer than a sim week?

  108. 05 / 11 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Charlie I just want to say thank you for your help, I have made a note of all the issues you’ve mentioned and will look into them so the next version of the world will be as good as it can be :)

    I am glad you are enjoying it!

  109. 05 / 12 / 12

    Mysti says:

    I love your worlds. really love them but This world though probably one of my favorite seems to have very few spawners for gems and insects and I haven’t seen any for minor pets at all. The amount and level of spawners are one of my favorite things about your worlds. Is it just me and Im not looking in the right place. Please tell me it is because I really love this world.

  110. 05 / 12 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Mysti, there are plenty of spawners all over the place, don’t forget to look on the island. My game has lots of random birds hanging around, racoons causing havoc and there are seeds & gems dotted around the place.

  111. 05 / 12 / 12

    Mysti says:

    Ok. Yay.. Im gonna go look. I can sluth around while my sims sleep. <3

  112. 05 / 12 / 12

    Mysti says:

    Hey Sarah, Dunno if anyone is experiencing this. But I have been noticing sims are getting stuck outside the Health club. They are all complaining of routing failures. Dunno if its just me. At first I thought they were queuing up to get an autograph from my sim, but he’s also experiencing a routing fail.

  113. 05 / 13 / 12

    Gill says:

    I want to download this town but mediafire wont let me it keeps on saying preparing download and then it wants to repair the file. Please can someone give me an other download link so that I can download it………!

  114. 05 / 13 / 12

    Purplepaws says:

    One word: YAY! Thank you so much for sharing your terrific worlds with us!

  115. 05 / 13 / 12

    Domino says:

    This is such a wonderful world I was dying to play it! Unfortunately, the lag is making it simply unplayable. Can’t wait for the next version. :)

  116. 05 / 13 / 12

    amanda says:

    I am also experiencing problems with mediafire. Is there another site where we can download this world? :((

  117. 05 / 13 / 12

    arlita says:

    first of all thank you for making such a beautiful world, but I think the link is broken, we cannot download it through mediafire, help.. is there any way to fix it? we really want to download this world. thank you :)

  118. 05 / 13 / 12

    shante says:

    @Gill, amanda, arlita – I’ve just checked both files and they download perfectly well for me (I use Google Chrome). Maybe you should try different browsers?

  119. 05 / 13 / 12

    Gill says:

    Ya I have Google chrome and still I have problems downloading the world. I have downloaded the save game but want to download the whole world file too. I disabled my antivirus and still it wont work. Please isn’t there a way that we can get the world because my world that I have played for so long does not work on my game anymore.

  120. 05 / 14 / 12

    Charlie says:

    I really hope that you meant it when you said you appreciate the help with identifying things that have issues. I am not sure if you are living in your world to see what issues arise. Here are a few, that I and a friend of mine have found. 1. Oak Park has a playground but proprietor is stuck there because the fence has no entrance to the performance area and she would have to step off the lot to come around (to fix I will just add a gate in the fence). 2. Park Ave Health Club had to move entrance wall back 1 square and replace the doors so that sims would enter. 3. Brighton Rd. Grocery has 2 chairs on the back lot that look like they are meant to be decorative however 99.9% of sims come to the chairs and complain they can’t access the chairs ( to fix I just moved the objects slightly out of the way so that they have access to sit and read). I hope that this is helpful for when you edit the world in the future.

  121. 05 / 14 / 12

    amanda says:

    I also tried downloading through google chrome. We would appreciate it if anyone can upload it to a different site? or you can upload it on the exchange?

  122. 05 / 15 / 12

    Charlie says:

    Brighton Rd. I just love the look of this area. Makes me think of Gilmore Girls. Is there no way to make this whole shopping district one huge lot? This being one huge lot would show sims walking all over and lots of activity and would use less NPC to run registers. I replaced a lot of the registers with decorative ones so not to lose the feeling you created here, but to have less cause of possible lag. I LOVE the look of this area with all of the different colored umbrellas. Awesome! But it seems so lonely here when it could feel like a real shopping area if it was all on one huge lot or even two huge lots side by side (one would be better). I could just see all the sims shuffling around now ;)

  123. 05 / 15 / 12

    flora says:

    this is an amazing world, best one i’ve played on so far but i keep getting an error 12 upon saving. too bad because i really loved it :( could anyone provide some help? i have all ep and no cc except parts that are needed for this world

  124. 05 / 16 / 12

    Charlie says:

    flora this happens in ALL worlds. Don’t save with the save button, use the save as button and it might take a few more minutes of playing for it to work but just keep trying. Sometimes I use save as and just add 1 or 2 …so I know which one I saved last. Then I delete the old saves just keeping the most current and the one just before it (just incase something bad happen to the last save). But this is not a new error code. It happens in EA worlds too. Just use the save as button a couple times a day. Should work. :)

  125. 05 / 16 / 12

    Charlie says:

    13 Collins Street. There is a trash spawner on a location that the player cannot delete. Grrrrr. I do think it is AWESOME how you got the green stinky smell at the dumpsters. That was so cool, but the spawners are on about 3 locations (behind a grocery store I think and behind a gym) I could only get rid of 2 out of 3 of the spawners. Please if you could limit the “trash” spawners to locations on “lots” so that the player has the option to delete the spawners that would be helpful. As for now, I have to “delete object” routinely to rid of the trash that piles up over time in this one location. Thanks. I totally love the stinky smell effect by the trash though, and since its not on the sims lot it only effects the sims when they run passed it ;) LOL It would have been a bad thing if it was on the sims lot as they would ALWAYS have a negative mood from the trash smell.

  126. 05 / 16 / 12

    flora says:

    Thanks Charlie! Sorry awe sims my bad. Surfing through the net i came to the conclusion that this propably is a ram overload problem. I now just make sure i have closed any unnecessary programs from the task manager before saving and it works just fine. just in case anyone else has the same problem :) The world is absolutely perfect!!

  127. 05 / 18 / 12

    Nicole says:

    Your best world yet! I moved my legacy family there & have been loving it so much. Everything you do is pure perfection & awesome -thank you so much for making my game better <3

  128. 05 / 18 / 12

    Fantasyrogue says:

    Thank you for this lovely world. I’ve been playing it for the last few days and it’s wonderful. I love the way you’ve built it up with all the different areas and the scenery of it and the houses are lovely as well And I love how you give us a choice between empty houses, furnished houses and empty lots entirely and there’s lots of space for more sims to move in, thanks for that (and it having all the EP lots and spawners).

    IIf I may, I did ran into a little problem with the apartment on 12 Collins Street. I was having lag and it turned out that one of my sims and his kitten (non-playable household) living in that apartment building had gotten stuck (I didn’t reset him or the cat and I don’t think overwatch did either but maybe it did) inside the hidden room area. When I switched to that household, I noticed the doors meant for NPC apartments aren’t marked as NPC doors in that building. I don’t know if that caused the problem or not but I thought I’d let you know.

    Again, thank you for this great world :)

  129. 05 / 18 / 12

    Mathilde says:

    WAHOU I go now download this fantastic world thank you so mutch ! :D

  130. 05 / 20 / 12

    Marta says:

    Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your quality uploads. I love every single object and world you’ve uploaded. So thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.

    Regarding St Claire, I don’t know if this is considered to be a glich or a bug, put I’ve created a family and put them into 18 Cherry Lane, and while playing the game in the apartment you can see the vegetation and trees on the upper floor, the terrace of the building, even though the view is on the lower floors. So while playing, this is considered to be a little bit bothering. I don’t know is it is intended to be like this or of it is just something that you could not fix. But I thought it was worth mentioning.
    I haven’t played a lot with St Claire yet, but as far as I could see, I couldn’t detect any more bugs.

    One again thanks for your amazing work with TS3 stuff so far!

  131. 05 / 20 / 12

    Sarah says:

    marta, if you just delete the plants then undo then they’ll be back to their usual position. It happens with plants not on the ground but it’s an easy fix :)

  132. 05 / 20 / 12

    Marta says:

    It worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your quick answer!

  133. 05 / 20 / 12

    lothar says:

    thank you, I was waiting for you to make a world that included all the spacial lots in it, and you delivered!!!

  134. 05 / 20 / 12

    daluved1 says:

    I know I already commented, but I’m commenting again! I finally got a chance to get the world installed and play it…let me just say I am in looooooooooove.

    The architecture and layout of the world is amazing! I have my sims take walks around town just so I can look at all of the beautiful scenery.

    And the best part is, I have minimum lag with this world, so I can actually “play” the game without it crashing and burning.

    Thanks for all your hardwork!! It’s much appreciated.

  135. 05 / 20 / 12

    Samuel says:

    Hi, Sarah!!!! I looooveee your world ssoooo much!!
    I love the houses!! I love the community lots!!
    Everytime I play it, I always hope I can live in there!! XD

    I will always wait for your next worlds!!
    Keep up the good work!! \(^0^)/

  136. 05 / 21 / 12

    Charlie says:

    Thank you Sarah and Marta I did not no that trick. You learn something new everyday. Thanks for the tip.

  137. 05 / 21 / 12

    Sofi says:

    I love the pics. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks so much! :-)

  138. 05 / 21 / 12

    Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Sarah, it is beautiful. I’ve just spent the last few hours exploring and looking at all of the buildings, I haven’t even plopped a sim in the world yet! But it is certainly my new favourite – 22 Brighton Road is the house of my dreams.

  139. 05 / 21 / 12

    Samuel says:

    BTW Sarah, what is your Graphic Card?? (O_O)

  140. 05 / 23 / 12

    elaine says:

    Thanks for a very nice, interesting and colourfull world

  141. 05 / 24 / 12

    Nannie says:

    This world is simply gorgeous. Thank you soo much for sharing this rich world with us.

  142. 05 / 27 / 12

    Nicholas Chen says:

    i like this world very much.. cuz i want both the suburban and urban life is include in this world ^__^ i luv it very very much… XoXo thanks you @__@

  143. 05 / 29 / 12

    Jordan says:

    This world is SO AMAZING! Don’t stop doing what you’re doing, you have an INCREDIBLE talent.

  144. 05 / 29 / 12

    Nicole says:

    Love the world so, but after a couple weeks of playing in it I have found a problem with all the smaller apartments like the Brownstones, etc. Every family that lives in these type of apartments (as in anything built for the world & not EA made semi-rabbit holes) ends up with sims stuck in the black areas of the apartment. The areas that the sim should not even be able to access, yet I am never able to visit anyone who lives in those houses b/c the sims are always stuck in those areas. I always have to cheat to buy mode on these lots & use moveobjects on to save the sims. & Master Controller is flooded at 3am every morning with fixing all the stuck sims in the world.

    I went into build mode on each of these lots, yet cannot find any errors & do not understand why this is happening. I just wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue? Or is it just glitched on my end?

    Also… dang it I hate I exited my game, but one of the schools, the one NOT in the more ‘country’ side, keeps getting sims stuck on the right side of the entrance by the sidewalk. Not sure why since I do not think the flowers there should be in the way -so I assume it’s just an EA routing issue. I only encountered this twice so far so it may just be a fluke, but wanted to point it out.

    Your worlds are always the most beautiful & creative & I thank you so much for your time <3

  145. 05 / 29 / 12

    Makina says:

    I would first like to thank you for yet another amazing world! I literally bought Showtime just so I could play it the way you intended it to be played. Haha. I also love how big this world is, seeing as sometime I find myself running out of lots to move my Sims into or I become bored with its limitations. However, I doubt I’ll get bored with this anytime soon! If my town looked anything like this, I gather I would have a reason to go outside more often.

    Secondly, I think I’m the only one experiencing this judging from the comments. On the community lot “Club Prive” there is simply a large purple rectangle and blurry images instead of what should be there. Here is a photo so you can see what I mean: After I took this picture I waited for a while longer until everything wasn’t blurry anymore and fully loaded and it still looked like this. What’s more, when I install the game it informs me that objects are missing even though I have all of the expansion packs and installed the cornices.

  146. 05 / 30 / 12

    Ciara says:

    I fell in love with this world just by looking at the pictures, <3 but my game keeps crashing and I have no idea why. I have all of the expansion packs & the game worked perfectly before installing St.Claire. It allows me to play & design her apartment for like 5 minutes, then it immediatly crashes and says The Sims 3 has encountered a problem & stopped working. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON & IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME THAT WOULD BE FABULOUS! :)
    &&&& Thanks Sarah for the WONDERFUL WORLD!

  147. 06 / 01 / 12

    Purplepaws says:

    To those of you still experiencing problems with stuck sims after resetting with Master Controller, I have found a solution! Simply follow it up with the EA cheat “resetsim *” (without quotes). If you’re still having trouble, move individual households out and back in again. I spend hours in testing before it hit me to try this. :)

  148. 06 / 01 / 12

    Alma70 says:

    I’ve been playing St. Claire for a while now and it’s definitely my favorite world of all so far so thank you so much for sharing! <3

  149. 06 / 01 / 12

    Wafers says:

    Thank you for sharing this world it’s beautiful, but I am having problems with stuck Sims even after all the resets and moving in and out of lots. I am also having a problem with Club Prive showing half pool and half black space. Master Controller keeps saying it recovered a lost Sim, and my
    Sims get stuck in weird placed when playing them like my Sims was on the school lot and was stuck kept complaining something was in his way. Is there anything else I can try. I don’t really want to uninstall it because my favorite Sims family are 16 Sims or more, and I don’t want them to lose there family connections.

  150. 06 / 02 / 12

    LauraMorgan says:

    My gosh, this world is AWESOME. I hate i won’t be able to use it ’cause i don’t have Show Time T.T
    Right now i’m playing on Queenstown and i reeeeeally love it! You’re the best creating worlds :)

  151. 06 / 03 / 12

    Dotty says:

    This is a awesome world but my sims keep getting stuck in the black out part of the apartments and some of the houses needs some fixing to be playable…

  152. 06 / 03 / 12

    Lisfyre says:

    Sarah, finally got round to downloading and installing this gorgeous world. I only have up to Generations and if I load the Saved Game, my game crashes (first time ever for me). I took out the Saved Game and started a new one with St. Claire and voila!! It works well without PETS and SHowTime. Slow load for the first time after that it’s fine. THank you again for such a gorgeous world!!

  153. 06 / 03 / 12

    sparkletastic92 says:

    this is gorgeous! thank you so much for all your hard work and sharing it.
    i’m excited to play :]

  154. 06 / 04 / 12

    Lucia says:

    Sarah, this is the most beautiful world I ever played. It looks so perfect. But there is one big issue – my game crashes when I move out or change from current household to edit the city. I’m so pissed off for this! Don’t you know any solution for this problem? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  155. 06 / 11 / 12

    SimRusalka says:

    What a shame. Whenever I try to download this on Mediafire, my antivirus pops up saying “accck threat!” and I get a horrible pop-up and I can’t download and basically, well, I give up. Would be nice if you could perhaps offer an alternate place to download. Mediafire is so flooded with spyware, spamware and virus threats.

  156. 06 / 11 / 12

    Ashley says:

    I was just wondering if you used a Lighting mod for this world? I have gone through a good portion of the above comments and looked all through your info on the world but can’t find the answer to my question. But I do have to say it is by far the best world I have seen in a long time. ^_^

  157. 06 / 11 / 12

    Josh says:

    can you give me a new link to download because i was not able to donwload from mefiafire becuase the website is shit like fuck thanks

  158. 06 / 11 / 12

    Sarah says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t control Mediafire and when I try to download the world it works fine. All I can suggest is keep trying.

  159. 06 / 13 / 12

    never says:

    I never comment anywhere and this page is already full of so much praise that I can’t really add anything substantial to it but I just wanted to say everything you make is perfect. St.Claire is the first world I’ve played where there isn’t a constant presence of lag and sims not responding to actions. I’m actually able to make multiple families/households and set up a more realistic town with varying sims. I’ve been able to play fluidly for the first time and have my sims visit lots that are actually well designed and load fast. It’s just amazing and now I am going to download everything you’ve ever made. Thanks so much for sharing your creations and I applaud your patience and skill for building, decorating, design, etcetc.

    I also want to add that I don’t have Showtime but have updated/patched my game and it works fine!

  160. 06 / 16 / 12

    Nixy says:

    Cannot load this save game. It may have been saved with expansion pack data that is no longer present on this system.

    I’ve every EP (up to Showtime) except Fast Lane stuff, and when I try loading the world in a new save, it just has empty black/blue lots :/

  161. 06 / 16 / 12

    Zaira says:

    I was looking for a world that would allow to exploit simultaneously the features of each expansion … and behold I found your masterpiece! Thank you and sorry for the bad English!

  162. 06 / 17 / 12

    Sofia says:

    hey! so i dont speak english but i can try, so i want to ask you a favor, a really small one! i was trying to make a really small town for my sims, because my computer can run a town like this one.
    and i was trying to make Stars Hollow from the serie Gilmore Girls. but i cant because when i download CAW Tool from ea store this say isnt compatible with my game i got all the expansions but not originals, so i was thinking you can upload you tool installer or a tool already installed to download if you understand what i mean.. and if not could do you at leas make the map for me? pleeeeeeeease? because i really want to do this D:

  163. 06 / 19 / 12

    Jess says:

    Really gutted… I have to constantly type ‘resetsim *’ as its lagging because sims are getting stuck in the apartments. Would love it if you could fix these problems and upload an updated version. xx

  164. 06 / 19 / 12

    Nickzi says:

    I thought there was supposed to be families in the neighbourhood.. When I downloaded it, there weren’t any families, but needless to say it’s incredible anyway!

  165. 06 / 21 / 12

    Emmyn says:

    Hi there!
    First of all thanks for your beautiful world! It was exactly what i was searching: a huge world with lots of space for me to create, and all the buildings of each expansion in it.

    However, i got a small problem. Except for the lag (my ram always goes to 80% in your world, but that may be the markers problems I’ve read up here in the comments) everytime i try to add some of my sims into a house, that after i don’t play as the “main household”, they simply disappear. I put my active household next to one of my sims i wanted to add to that neighborhood, i’ve seen him once, he stayed 5 minutes, took a taxi, and maybe 2 ingame hours after when i try to go and ring the bell, there,s a message that “nobody lives here.” I’ve checked on the edit town too, and the household did disappear too. I’ve try a couple of time to re add him but they just keep vanishing. Is it related to the “markers problems” and the sims being stuck somewhere, or my game is eating the sims not in my main household?

    And quick noob question: I anted to go to the karaoke with my sim, but while she was outside and there was no way for her to enter, the game was saying she was inside. Is it because most of the bars and others public places are marked as “no visitors allowed” and i need to change it to visitor allowed or their respective good lots?

    Thanks again for that beautiful work! I may wait for the update to really play it, but i will probably keep trying and try to find why is my game hungry with the blood of my custom sims.

  166. 06 / 22 / 12

    speechless says:

    So woah I havent even touched sims for a year and i come back to THIS! I always have said you got to stop making worlds as I can’t keep up with them that fast. Saying this I got to admit this must be the first ever world I look at and think I could just play as it is witout having a desire to give places makeovers or thinking this and that needs changing. I havent played it yet, hopefully soon, but just wanted to say it looks absolutely amazing and so beautiful…you always think things through so well.
    After reading comments I wonder about some lag and marker etc issues people have reported …are you planing an update soon…simply as if so I will wait a bit to play etc…if not its not a problem either,simple curiosity :)
    Love it either way!!!! awesome.xxxxxx

  167. 06 / 22 / 12

    Martine says:

    Hi Sarah – I finally have my new laptop + all games + custom content running, and the first thing I did was install your beautiful St. Claire! It is SO. BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely perfect, so many wonderfully designed houses, community lots, landscapes – you really did an amazing job!

    I will be making this my permanent home for all my new simmies – thank you so much for creating St. Claire!

  168. 06 / 22 / 12

    Sophia says:

    Thank you so much for making us such a beautiful World! I cannot imagine how much work went into this. It is very much appreciated :).

    I am desperate to continue playing this World, but I’m having major lag due to stuck Sims even though I have a very small population thus far. I’m not an experienced Sims player, but I’ve done a lot of research and tried the following things to fix the lag:

    1. Installed Overwatch and used the ‘Reset Everything’ option when experiencing lag. This temporarily fixed the lag, but it returned quickly.
    2. Rather than using the ‘Reset Everything’ option in Overwatch, and so I could try and work out what was causing the lag, I set up Overwatch to notify me about stuck Sims. I found that the ‘Reset Everything’ option had put Sims in NPC apartments without any exit.
    3. As ‘Reset Everything’ seemed to be making my problem worse, I tried the resetSim * cheat. Again, this fixed the lag, only to return quickly. Plus, it gave me another issue – after using the cheat, I got a bug with my Sim’s baby in his crib. The resetSim * cheat placed the baby on the floor. His parents put him back in the crib, but thereafter won’t attend to his needs. I have to save and quit the game and reload it to fix the bug. This isn’t working for me as I’m having to use the resetSim* cheat multiple times each game play which then creates the crib bug.

    I have read a lot in the comments here about routing issues, and I assume that my stuck Sims are related to that. However, I am puzzled by this because when I do find stuck Sims they are often just stationary, ie NPC’s standing still behind the bars they were serving at. I can’t see how they could be trapped, but then I don’t know enough about routing issues to diagnose and resolve them. I have even had a stuck cat in the middle of a walkway with no obstacle in its path.

    However, I did notice that when my Sim visited France, I didn’t have any lag for the 3 Sim days he was there. I’m assuming, therefore, that this lag issue must be related to the routing issues other players have reported here. Or, it is some other issue I’m having playing this particular World.

    I don’t know where to go with this from here. I know you must be incredibly busy and I feel cheeky for asking, but is there any estimate on when an update might be available? If it is coming soon, I may well put this World to one side for now and look forward to playing in the future :).

    Alternatively, has anyone compiled a bug list with fixes? It would be a really big help for less experienced players like myself. I can’t even work out how to edit the lot of a nonactive household. I’m assuming you have to make the household that lives on the lot you want to fix your active household?

    Any advice anyone could offer would be so welcome. I would really love to enjoy this World in all its glory :).

  169. 06 / 22 / 12

    Shivvy says:

    Hands down the best world I have ever seen. Only one complaint: I cannot get any real playing done because I am too busy looking at everything from every angle. Entrancing to say the least.

    Excellent work, as are all your creations. Thank you for sharing with us.

  170. 06 / 23 / 12

    Mirrrr says:

    I have one word for you: WOW. I love it!!!

    Thank you very much for this. :D

  171. 06 / 23 / 12

    wafers says:

    Hi Sarah – Just love this world. It’s the best! If you do by chance happen to update it, would it be to much trouble to throw in a few more larger lots such as: (3) 2×3, (3) 3×3 and (3) 4×3? I love this world and plan on sticking with it. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this world.

  172. 06 / 26 / 12

    audiobebop says:

    Oh wow, I absolutely /love/ this place. It’s so well thought out and all the apartments and houses are gorgeous! The one qualm I have (albeit a small one) is the fact that there’s no vampire lounge for the (inevitable) vampires that I’m going to be putting/spawning in-town. Of course I could always build my own venue but I don’t wanna ruin the amazing work everyone did with it already! :D

    Regardless, this is wonderful! I’m playing a commitment-phobe musician who’s unnaturally attached to his dog (a shiba inu) named bucky. I love just running around town with them to see what everything looks like, it’s definitely a great work, and I applaud everyone :D

  173. 06 / 28 / 12

    Myiesha says:

    I absolutely love this, just had to say thank you!!!

  174. 06 / 30 / 12

    tina says:

    Hi i would love to try out your new world absolutely loved Queenstown but every time I try to load St Claires i get this message “Exception Raised unhanded page fault on read access to 0×0000002c at address 0×0090c2bd. Do you wish to debug it” It then gives me the option to press No or Yes but whatever i press just takes me back to my home page – does anyone have any ideas ?

  175. 07 / 06 / 12

    Mysti says:

    So I finally decided to give this town another go. I had played it when it first released and then went back to Queenstown and have been playing that for more than a few months. Its just so, small town and St. Claire is just so big city. Then I said, hey, fix what you don’t like. That said, I researched what those weird little floating ball things where that I saw and why they were there. They make apartments. So I took all those out, and made them homes. Having never really lived in a house and been cooped up in cracker box after cracker box for most of my life, I didn’t want my Sims to have to have restricted digs either. Your apartments make the most adorable housies. <333 Downtown gave me all sorts of problems. People getting stuck in front of buildings, mobbing around elevators and such, so I rearranged that too. Made it a bit more like downtown in queenstown (which i loved so much cause it was more like a small town than a big city) and let me tell you, I love it. I did find lots of spawners (yay) and moved in some new housies to fill the gaps. I love it. I hope you don't mind I moved some things around. For the most part the world is mostly unchanged. Just looks more like Downtown Santa Monica and not Downtown Los Angeles. Cheers and keep up the great work.

  176. 07 / 08 / 12

    Jeff says:

    Wow… I’m in awe, the best World I have seen for The Sims 3 so far, this is such a great piece of work, a lot of modders should learn from it, this is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this ! I love it !

  177. 07 / 09 / 12

    Anna says:

    The world looks absolutely lovely. I installed it just fine, however when I’m in the Main Menu and select this world to go in to, it loads about halfway on the loading screen and then my screen goes black and it takes me back to my desktop. There is a message box that comes up saying there was a problem with The Sims 3 and it had to close. Any way to fix this? HELP!

  178. 07 / 10 / 12

    Mysti says:

    Maybe my game is just broken. I love this town, I finally got it just the way I like it. And I love how big it is. I had trouble finding seeds and gems and stuff so I bought my Simmies the collection helper. Just to make sure stuff was established I ran the game for nearly a game month. My sims often rely on collecting as a source of income but I can hardly find anything. Put my sim with a harvester on the world lot and pulled up 5 things (mostly bugs) and a lot of Trash? The game says its garbage but when i try to put them down nothing shows up, but that green smoke. is that normal? Just as a test I put my sim down on the world lot in QueensTown and I actually had to stop them from collecting after 4 game hours straight of pulling in things.

    also, I can find no dog dig spots. So I am convinced some how this world breaks in my game. Im so bummed. anyway, my personal issues aside,

    Should the garbage piles only be plumes of green smoke? please tell me you guys are getting dig spots all over. that way I know its my game only..

  179. 07 / 13 / 12

    Samuel says:

    U are such and intelligent person, this world is AMAZING its totally cool. U should be an arquitect!

  180. 07 / 14 / 12

    Tessa says:

    Hey! I’m not sure is my comment been read, but I love your city. AND even though I only have Ambitions, it works just lovely. Some of the apartments aren’t showing and so does the most of the community lots, but I’m going to replace them with some of my own creations. Families won’t work, but I suspected it before downloading it, I’ll make my own. Also if there is something wrong with the apartments, I’m going to make it work. Thank you for such a good groundwork for me to play! And everyone who’s wondering can I play it with not all of the EP’s, I’m glad to announce, yes you can!

  181. 07 / 15 / 12

    Anon says:

    your world is making my game crash just changing my whole family’s outfit causes it to crash anyone else having this problem with the game crashing?

  182. 07 / 16 / 12

    Michelle says:

    First,Totally breathtaking world!It’s amazing and waaaay better than the worlds EA gives us *rolls eyes and sighs*.Second,I have Showtime,but I don’t have Pets,is that alright?

  183. 07 / 17 / 12

    Lexa Pierce says:

    When i tried to play your world, it crushed my game. Your world has a problem, so go and fix it.
    I think it’s your beautyful sky – cause other worlds which don’t have it is working well.

  184. 07 / 17 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Lexa, make sure your game is up to date with patches, and if it still doesn’t load, try regenerating your My Documents folder and reinnstalling your CC. Please do not automatically assume it is my fault your game is crashing and demand I fix a problem that has so far not happened in my game at all.

  185. 07 / 17 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Michelle, give it a shot, I’m not sure what will happen. It may load, it may not.

  186. 07 / 17 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Tessa, I’m assuming the apartments aren’t showing because you don’t have Late Night, but I’m not sure sorry. I don’t know if they added that functionality to the base game or not.

  187. 07 / 17 / 12

    Sarah says:


    There are plenty of seeds & gems throughout the world, so is it possible you have a mod that is interfering with them showing up?
    To be honest I’m not sure what dog dig spots are – I assume dogs just dig wherever they want no? Try running the world without mods (except perhaps an updated Overwatch to deal with cars & stuck sims/animals). Sorry I can’t be more help! I just don’t have all the answers…

  188. 07 / 17 / 12

    Sarah says:


    Do you have all the required expansions, and is your game up to date with patches?
    If so, try regenerating your Sims 3 folder in “My Documents”, then reinstalling whatever CC you have.

  189. 07 / 18 / 12

    Crystal says:

    Here are some problems I’ve noted, there are so many comments here I don’t know if this has already been mentioned or not.

    The Subway and Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner are too close to each other (as in the Subway is inside the diner), but I don’t know if it’s affecting the use of it.

    West Point Park’s proprietor won’t let my level 4 Sim perform there, and also there’s no proprietor tag in the Map View and there’s no “Visit This Lot”, “Visit This Lot With…” ETC options.

    There’s also some sort of routing fail in Brew Ha-Haus where the proprietor will complain of being unable to walk on to the stage when he tries to use the side entrance, I just closed of the wall there so he’ll have to step up onto the stage from the front, I THINK that fixed it.

  190. 07 / 19 / 12

    Simone says:

    How do you get it to play on The Sims 3? I’ve donwloaded the game and it’s a .rar file, where do I go from this to play it in my Sims 3? Thanks!

  191. 07 / 22 / 12

    Lori says:

    Love this world mainly because of your apartment and houses. They are so beautifully made! Great job! Thank you!

  192. 07 / 22 / 12

    Nyssa says:

    Hey! This world is AMAZING, but the picture of the full city looks a little..scary? Dark maybe.. Is it like that in the game naturally? Or is it bright? Because I don’t want sims to live somewhere that looks scary.
    Apart from that it look AWWWWWWESOME!
    Please reply! :)

  193. 07 / 26 / 12

    orangebreeze says:

    Such a lovely world. I’m heaving lots of fun exploring it. You put so much thought into every detail. Amazing!

    Also, I was able to load the world AND the save game without Showtime. The save game was giving me a bit of trouble, resulting in the ‘A serious error has occurred’ message, but I was able to fix that using the trick from here: Game Help:TS3 Load Issues. In case someone else is experiencing this problem.

    Thank you again for your awesome world :)

  194. 07 / 28 / 12

    Sara says:

    Hollo ;) Your town is very very beautyfull!!! I just love it!!! Congratulations :)
    **My english is not very… [ I'm Belgian ] Byye!

  195. 07 / 29 / 12

    Matt says:

    This world is amazing but my game keeps freezing and doesn’t unfreeze. My other worlds work fine so I’m unsure what it is that’s causing it.

  196. 08 / 02 / 12

    Caroline says:

    Wow such a beautiful world! I really love it.

    There’s just one problem though.. I’ve been trying to download the Save Game file, but it doesn’t seem to work?

    I’ve tried to save it in the documents – saves folder, and also under programmes, but neither seems to work.

    Do you know why that is? I really want to have some of your families in the city!


  197. 08 / 06 / 12

    Bee says:

    @Nickzi If you want the town to be populated with Sims, you need to download the save file. It contains pre-made Sims that live in St. Claire. If you want to start from scratch and just start putting your own Sims in the town, then you don’t need to download the save file.

  198. 08 / 08 / 12

    Giorgina says:

    WOW I litarlary just found ur website 2 days ago and have been looking at all ur creations. I was wondering if can use this world in a series I’m going to be starting? I would give u full acnolagment and stuff I just don’t want to use it and then get a load of messages saying I’ve “stolen” your world.

    Btw I LOVE your work and u are now one of my new favourite creatiors !!!!!

  199. 08 / 08 / 12

    Giorgina says:

    WOW….Just WOW i have just discovered your site and WOW… i love all your work and i was wondering if maybe i could use this world {and another if possible} in a series im creating (i cant get the CAW tool to work for me :( ) i would of course fully credit you and post a like to your site. and thnx again for creating such amazing work!!!!!!!!

  200. 08 / 08 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Sure thing, Giorgina

  201. 08 / 08 / 12

    Alisson says:

    I can’t play in this world. When I try to choose a family/Sim to put in any lot, nothing ever happens, all the menus disappears, and I need to close the game with task manager. When I am in the world and click in some lot with Sim, I try to choose this one to be the family, then I need do click to get off the zoom, I can’t manager the Sim. I mean, I can click and make the Sim do something, but can’t see needs and another things at that menu.
    I have tried the “Overwatch”, but I thik it didn’t work, if I can play in other worlds with no problems.
    Sorry my bad english, hope you understand what I say.

  202. 08 / 09 / 12

    miley says:

    Thank you very much for creating St.Claire. I love it, it’s really beautifull and big. But will this world work with the new expansion of the sims 3 seasons?

  203. 08 / 09 / 12

    Alisson says:

    I don’t know more what to do, I think this world wrecked my game, after this world, my game is full with bugs. When I try to play deleting my “The Sims 3″ folder at EA folder, the game works fine.
    I don’t know too much about it, so I don’t know what to do to recover my game, and keep my files, my lot, my family, my world, my custom content, and without all these bugs after installation.
    Again, sorry for my bad english.

  204. 08 / 09 / 12

    Alisson says:

    Hello, it’s me again. I’d like to say, I am not blaming you for my bugs, I even don’t want to do this, I am here just telling my problems, and I will try to make it work, and run fine this world that you did so well.

  205. 08 / 10 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Alisson, if the game runs fine without this world installed then I definitely recommend uninstalling it.

  206. 08 / 11 / 12

    Giorgina says:

    thanks i downloaded your wold last night and its beautiful. i love all the detail its just perfect { i wish i could create worlds as good as this}. thnx for letting me use Im in LOVE with ur worlds {just a bit annoyed that it wont let me download the populated one onto my laptop – not your fault im not even meant to be able to play the sims on my laptop in the first place

  207. 08 / 11 / 12

    Alistu says:

    I thought I ought to point out that after uninstalling this world (because my computer couldn’t handle it) the custom terrain paints get left behind and cannot be uninstalled via the Launcher.
    It’s taken me three days of fiddling and messing with files I shouldn’t really need to touch in order to be able to uninstall them from my game.
    Just thought you should be aware.

  208. 08 / 17 / 12

    Noa says:

    the bug thing isn’t working….:(
    im pressing new game, and then St. Claire and it’s loding and in the middle it’s exit the game!
    what to do??

  209. 08 / 19 / 12

    finbaaa says:

    Beautiful sims world! But game exit after playing around 20-30 mins… You should really make some small map town (just sayn) :P I’m really surprised it works on your laptop because i can’t play it on imac :(

  210. 08 / 20 / 12

    finbaaa says:

    I managed this world to work on my computer, just made settings lower. Keep up good work! btw new world Pounawea looks amazing too, but I prefer city type worlds more :)

  211. 08 / 20 / 12

    That Guy.... says:

    I’m not a noob to mods, but I have no idea how to remove the mod that gives every world a cloudy day. Could you point me in the right direction? (I’m getting ready for Sims 3 Seasons.)

  212. 08 / 22 / 12

    Robin says:

    Hey all, awesome world!!!
    But, I have a problem and I don’t know if its because of the world or not..; I HOPE NOT…
    When I play about 15-30 minutes, my game crashes…I play on a iMac, but I don’t know if it crashes because of some custom content or because of the world… Please tell me if you have the same problem and if you found a solution to it…
    Contact me on :
    Bye !
    Anyway, excellent world !

  213. 08 / 24 / 12

    Rivernight says:

    This is beautiful. I can’t wait for my new computer to come so I can play this! Bradford is like the shopping center. I’m so glad that there is such an amazing world with all of the EPs.

  214. 08 / 25 / 12

    Olivier says:

    Are the sky effects custom content? Are the new terrain paints custom content like I can get the Exchange? I wanna be sure I’m not using anything that could mess up when I install Supernatural.

  215. 08 / 25 / 12

    Sarah says:

    the sky effects are not custom content, they are customised EA .ini files, and should have no impact when supernatural comes out. Terrain paints are just terrain paints, nothing special that could potentially go wrong.

  216. 08 / 25 / 12

    Sarah says:

    sorry, robin I can’t help you as I don’t have a mac. I would uninstall it if you think it’s causing problems.

  217. 08 / 25 / 12

    Sarah says:

    sorry That Guy…, I’m not sure what mod you are talking about. my world requires no lighting or weather mods of any kind. The weather is controlled by customised EA .ini files, which every world has whether it be custom or EA made.

  218. 08 / 27 / 12

    Cameron says:

    I love it. Going to go look into completing my expansion pack collection (Ambitions and Pets needed) and upgrade my processor so I can get this world. Bookmarked!

  219. 08 / 28 / 12

    Carlos says:

    Sarah… you’re truly wonderful. I still don’t have the chance to enjoy your work of art, but I wanna celebrate what you’ve done because it is just Beyond words… YOU ROCK!
    But my problem is, why everytime St. Claire is loading, my game gets closed alone?! :(
    Help me please, kisses! :(

  220. 08 / 29 / 12

    Sarah says:

    make sure you have the required ep’s Carlos, otherwise check the MTS help wiki for crash problems.

  221. 08 / 29 / 12

    Aisha says:

    I have finally found THE world for my sims and won’t be playing anything else. This world has everything, its perfect in so many ways and so perfect for seasons too! I can’t wait for my sims to make use of the beaches in the world and Oak park will be great for festivals! I love that each district has its own unique feel. Personally I never liked worlds like bridgeport complete with high rises etc but its nice to just have a section of town like that so my sims can venture there sparingly and enjoy the nightclubs etc before heading back to the more suburban part of town. My sims are a young newlywed couple and its been so much fun having them have ‘date nights’ on the weekends where they explore st. claire. I’ve been playing for days and still in awe and discovering new things all the time. Other worlds are so boring, not much to do therefore forcing your sims to just stay at home but this world, wow, there’s an abundance of places to see and things to do. I love the video game arcade next to the internet cafe (my sims woohooed in the photobooth lol) the whole town is just so beautifully made and realistic, the weather effects definitely add to the realism.
    It also makes me wonder however, when seasons comes out, will it interfere with the in game weather effects? Is there a file that can be altered or removed or will you be re-releasing a version of the world that includes seasons?

    In short, thank you for this amazing world! :)

  222. 08 / 30 / 12

    Joy says:

    It is only showtime version? Because I don´t have a showtime…

  223. 08 / 30 / 12

    Sarah says:

    aisha, there should be no interference with seasons, the “weather effects” are just customisations of existing EA ini files, and all ea worlds have them too :)

  224. 08 / 30 / 12

    Sarah says:

    sorry to hear that joy, you could try running the world anyway, some people have reported that it runs fine, just removes or replaces showtime stuff.

  225. 08 / 30 / 12

    Olivier says:

    Thanks for the answer. Looking forward to playing it now!

  226. 09 / 02 / 12

    John says:

    Hi Sarah, First of I love St Clair, its so detailed, interesting. However, I seem to be stuck with a town consisting of almost no people. apart from the odd mixologist and bouncer. Im running on a 2012 15″ MacBook Pro 2.6ghz 8GB RAM, and I have an empty world. Not sure what if there is a solution :(

  227. 09 / 02 / 12

    Sarah says:

    John, it isn’t populated, so you can either install and play using the save game which has several families living in the world, or populate it with your own sims :)

  228. 09 / 03 / 12

    John says:

    I did load up the Save Game file, and was playing in that file. But there was no sims in the entire world other than those pre-made families, my sim, and the service sims. I might be doing something wrong. I will have a bit of a play around. Thanks for getting back to me though.

  229. 09 / 04 / 12

    Sarah says:

    All I can suggest is you make some sims or download them and move them into the town. Otherwise just play and the houses will slowly fill up. Sorry I don’t have any other suggestions :)

  230. 09 / 04 / 12

    Schuty says:


    I tested St Claire and I don’t have Showtime. It runs fine without it. I also checked all files with the Dashboard from the Mod the Sims site after installation and it showed up everything was ok.

  231. 09 / 10 / 12

    John says:

    Please consider updating this for Supernatural: St Claire is currently the best ‘hood available (by far) for TS3 and I’d love to see it get an update :)

  232. 09 / 11 / 12

    Jarod says:

    I love the World, but there is one problem. One of the Bridges is impossible to cross on foot, which is sort of sad when you try to go to the Dog park and your sim always get’s stuck attempting to go across the bridge and to the park. I think it’s something you MIGHT wanna fix.

  233. 09 / 14 / 12

    Birgitte Heuschkel says:

    I am very happy with this world, indeed, and I’ve no intention of switching to Moonlight Falls now Supernatural is out. I am going to beg on my knees, though, that you will release your own special lots for it — since EA’s elixir consignment shop and arboretum really aren’t all that.

  234. 09 / 14 / 12

    Boo says:

    I love this world, thanks so much for sharing! All kinds of awesome! :D

  235. 09 / 15 / 12

    Cate says:

    Hi :)

    I have a small problem, and it’s not been mentioned yet in any of the comments. I’m running all EP’d exept for Generations – however I don’t think thats the issue.

    So, the town is empty…and not devoid of sims….devoid of product. I go to my bookshelf, it is empty. I go to the bookstore…it’s empty….all of the bookstores are empty and all of the shops are empty….


    Any suggestions?

    The world is running perfectly apart from this, I am running the save file using your pre-population and am using sims created by myself….there is no lag (no more than normal on sims anyway ;) and everything looks great….I just can’t….buy anything.


  236. 09 / 17 / 12

    Anda says:

    Read all of the comments to check if anyone has the same problems as I do. Luckily, I’m not the one, but unfortunately I am not able to fix this and I am lost. This is such a magnificent world, I’m in awe, but so sad at the same time. I have all of the problems mentioned above – sims and animals (even a unicorn) getting stuck; no spawning of seeds, little animals etc.; no population at all, except your families (and they don’t seem to go out anyways, they’re just stuck). I don’t know what to do and what to suggest. Resetting the whole town every half an hour is not a solution I think.

  237. 09 / 17 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Anda: Animals get stuck in all worlds, there is very little I can do about that. There are plenty of spawners all over the place, you just have to be patient and let them actually spawn. The population will grow in time as sims move into the houses. You can of course populate it your self! I know it takes a little time but I mean come on, I can’t please everyone. The sims in the save game are probably working at their jobs, thats why you don’t see them around. I don’t get a lot of the problems people are mentioning so I don’t know what else I can do, sorry. If it really is as big of a problem, I suggest uninstalling it, because I simply don’t have the time right now to look into it more fully. I am sorry!

  238. 09 / 17 / 12

    Sarah says:

    Cate: have you tried starting a new save? that seems very very odd and not something I have encountered before. I would also make sure that if you have any mods installed that they are fully up to date, and even regenerating your MyDocuments folder and starting with a fresh one. Thats so strange!

  239. 09 / 17 / 12

    phoenixc says:

    it’s an amazing world. It is my favorite. I added some venue building from store and now it is the only world where I play my game (sorry for my english)
    Thank you for creating this world

  240. 09 / 19 / 12

    Emma says:

    Whenever I try and go on to this world my sims crashes and shuts down :( what would you suggest I do?

  241. 09 / 24 / 12

    shante says:

    Hey Sarah! I’ve just read that you’re working on an updated version of St Claire – that’s really amazing news! I’m sure it’ll look gorgeous with the stuff from Seasons EP :-) Hope to see some pictures of the progress! Cheers! xx

  242. 09 / 28 / 12

    ansar says:

    kanja paga telaco mu manag

  243. 10 / 05 / 12

    Rusalka says:

    With the permission of AweSims, I have created a save game file that is populated and updated through Supernatural. You can find the file and the details here:

  244. 10 / 11 / 12

    Emms says:

    Hi There
    Just wanted to let you know I love this world so much. Unfortunately for me I get too much lag to keep game play going. I would love it if you produced a mini version of this world!! But I might try out one of your smaller worlds instead and see if it works better for me.


  245. 10 / 15 / 12

    Birgitte Heuschkel says:

    Of all the people… Long time no see, Rusalka. Been what, ten years? Anyhow, I’m grabbing that updated world. If you made it, it’s good.

  246. 10 / 17 / 12

    WildWitch says:

    Well this is the nicest world I’ve come across for a long time, thank you taking the time to make and share it.

  247. 10 / 22 / 12

    Kathryn says:

    I’m having some difficulties, I’m extremely anxious to go into this world, because I’ve been following you since Sims 2, and quite frankly all of your stuff amazes me, never seizes to.

    But if anyone could help me, or might be having the same problem? I saw a few with the same problem.

    …Anywho, whenever I go into ‘Main Menu’, and attempt to select this world, it loads only halfway, then my screen goes black, and I have to close everything, I’ve tried re-opening.

    Am I missing a pack or something, I have the Sims 3 Pets, and the Sims 3 Showtime…

    I’m completely lost and in dire need of help… >.<"!

  248. 10 / 28 / 12

    Paradise_Lost says:


    I downloaded your save file and put into my saves folder but it doesn’t show up in my main menu to be able to play it, I don’t have Showtime but the world works fine without it, just cant seem to load the saved game , any suggestions?


  249. 10 / 31 / 12

    Mojon says:

    why every time I open the world spends about 5 minutes and the game closes?

  250. 10 / 31 / 12

    Mojon says:

    and also to load the world only half loading?

  251. 11 / 04 / 12

    Tom says:

    Hey…could you possibly link me to a page to help me with downloading with Mediafire. Because I’m kind of stupid.

  252. 11 / 07 / 12

    lodelic says:

    Hi, this wonderful world works perfectly in game. But it’s a suburb like sunset valley, with birds sounds.
    How can I turn it into a VIP city like Bridgeport, with traffic sounds ?
    Thank you, great job !

  253. 11 / 11 / 12

    S. says:

    Do I need Showtime for this to work? I have Late Night for all of the buildings but I don’t own Showtime

  254. 11 / 11 / 12

    Ms.SMG says:


  255. 11 / 15 / 12

    Jennifer says:

    I just have to say I love this world it’s amazing and I’ve been using it constantly for a long time now. I was wondering if you’ll be updating central park for the seasons festivals? I love that lot and I tried to edit it myself but seemed to fail catastrophically (nothing would appear).

  256. 11 / 17 / 12

    Rhendera says:

    Thank you so,so,so incredibly much for this amazing world. This is everything I’ve been looking for and more. I love you forever.

  257. 11 / 17 / 12

    Ashlynn says:

    Hello, I am with Ms.SMG. It doesn’t work for me anymore after the latest Sims 3 Seasons patch. The game keeps crashing or pops up with the Error 12. IT SUCKS because this was my favorite world ever!

  258. 11 / 18 / 12

    Fenchel says:

    Hey Sarah!
    I know that you are working eagerly on the St. Claire update and that we have to be patient.. but I’m dying to see it! :D (especially after checking your tumblr and enjoying the screenshots you made.. the town looks awesome with the seasons effects!) I just wanted to let you know that I’m a huge fan of yours and while I already got the new expansion pack, I can’t enjoy playing it right now because I want to test everything in your beautiful world and environment. Keep up the good work – you are awesome! :) Greetings from Germany!

  259. 11 / 18 / 12

    ManGaga says:

    Will you do a version Supernatural or Seasons? :)

  260. 11 / 25 / 12

    joanne says:

    st claire downloaded perfectly onto my game. its in the worlds list and everything, but everytime i want to start a new game with it, it crashes. some people on here are saying that theyre playing without all the EPs. does anyone know a way to make it work. i’ve been looking for a world for my sims similar to this for a year and i finally find it and now it doesnt work :’(

  261. 11 / 25 / 12

    joanne says:

    oh oh and btw, awesims did a verrryy excellent job on this world :D love it! im dying to use it on my game!

  262. 11 / 26 / 12

    navkat says:

    Thanks for this. I absolutely LOVE this world better than ANY I have ever tried. You thought of EVERYTHING: It’s well organized with all rabbitholes, venues and houses arranged in a way that flows well and makes sense in each area. There’s plenty of open space to add almost ANYthing up to and including the 64×64 range without being too sparse or incomplete. The architecture is beautiful and well-planned in each “zone” (My Simself is living in the “gay-friendly” seaside community across the bridge) but not so rigid that customization wouldn’t fit in nicely as well.

    I just DL’d this, looking for a city that includes as many of the EP community lots as possible without being a complete mess. I have them all and it’s getting more and more difficult to keep adding stores, dog-parks, etc in these EA-built or Exchange worlds that can not accommodate them. It becomes a MESS and furthermore, the lack of well-planned routable terrain means often the larger lots leave sims running for a half-hour before they get to a road to go to work.

    For Supernatural, I have built an Elixir Consignment store attached to a “strip mall” by using the velocitygrass “AddLotSize” cheat to make a 10×20 lot and place that in a tiny strip on Portobello by the bridge. I found the nice, wide footpath there accommodates these shops nicely and being a two-story set-up with a French Quarter-inspired restaurant included and what might end up being an upstairs apartment in part of the second-story, I think it fits right into that “bohemian” atmosphere near all the clubs and lounges. It *is* an Elixir Shop, after all. :) I will update you with pictures when it’s complete, if you wish.

    My only beef is that I’ve set St Claire Central Park as a Festival Grounds for Seasons and while the game states a Festival is taking place, none of the festival activities show up. How can I remedy this without forcing a permanent installation of the various seasonal festival items? I don’t want to have to place an apple bobber or Scream House, for instance every single fall, only to have to delete them and place other items in Winter. And I DON’T want to spoil the flow of the town’s natural draw of sims to the downtown area by having to place an EA-built festival grounds elsewhere.

    What do you suggest?

  263. 12 / 01 / 12

    Emma says:

    Is there any chance of a festival park being released for this world? I love playing here, but I haven’t played since seasons came out because I want to have festivals.

  264. 12 / 04 / 12

    warren says:

    omg what a wonderful world you have created. I love it. I find it hilarious that my two favourite worlds are custom worlds and not any of the official worlds.

    the only criticism I had was how long it took me to figure out where the consignment store was…but that is more a criticism of me than the world rofl

    I can’t even begin to list the positive things about this world. It’s beautifully designed, the lots are incredibly detailed……it’s one of those things where you are just left speechless because you can’t think of enough of the right words to put together.

    no idea how long it took you to do, but the love and care is obvious. you should be so SO proud of this world. I was blown away when I first played in Union Cove, but my reaction to St Claire was even stronger. Incredible work.

  265. 12 / 16 / 12

    Prugman says:

    Just wanted to point out that almost every residential lot in this world gives the “Beautiful Vista” moodlet with +100 mood.

    Seems like it’s unintentional as even some of the small starter house lots have it… would be awesome if this could get fixed with the next patch or whatever as it makes the actual gameplay really trivial.

    Otherwise, love the world!

  266. 12 / 21 / 12

    Sai says:

    Just started playing the Sims again, always loved the idea of having a suburb and a downtown area on the same map. This world is perfect and beautifully designed to boot! Thankyou! <3

  267. 12 / 31 / 12

    Cnstnc680 says:


    Love this world – it has everything I want and has so much character. Just want to let you know that I think there are a few routing issues – some sims keep getting stuck in the black part of apartments – the part they shouldn’t been. And I have a lot of sims walking on water – from the suburban area over to the city area – not a huge issue as they don’t get stuck but does look a bit odd!

    Thank you for creating such a lovely world – it must have taken a huge amount of time and effort!

  268. 01 / 02 / 13

    Bonnie says:

    Thank you sooo much! I am echoing what Warren said. I just moved my sims from Union Cove, which is a great world, but I am already loving this one so much more. It has the perfect blend of city, country and suburbia that I was looking for. THANK YOU!

  269. 01 / 11 / 13

    jdanddpt says:

    Thanks for the awesome city! We are playing it with twallan story progression, and it is the best, most interesting and fun neighborhood we’ve ever played.

    A couple things we had to fix in Build/Buy mode, though:
    1) 6 Main Street — sims get stuck between the outdoor stairs at ground level. We had to demolish the fence, delete some shrubs, and smooth the terrain there. Players will need to deactivate restrictbuildbuyinbuildings to fix this.

    2) Police Station next to 6 Main Street — the shrubs form a “cage” that traps sims sometimes. We had to cut an exit into the shrub fences and delete some bushes.

    3) Criminal Warehouse — another cage of shrub fence, by the front door.

    4) Dancing With The Stars — top floor is unreachable because the spiral staircase is blocked. We dragged the glass fence to enlarge the top floor, moved the staircase to a more open spot, and added a cyclotron (or whatever it’s called) for fun in the newly created space.

    I highly recommend players make these changes. The hood runs a bit smoother without sims constantly getting stuck and trying to route their way out of these cages, etc.

  270. 01 / 12 / 13

    Miri says:

    As many others i must thank you for this lovely town. Was so frustrated EA’s towns didn’t have a suburban/downtown combo :)
    Everything seems to run smoothly and now it sounds like it gonna come a “but” which it will. It’s a bit funny but in overall really annoying, my sims are making clones! I’m working on puting in some families i made, fix their homes give them jobs etc. (i like my towns to be highly populated). But when i put in my first family- a mom,dad,kid and a teenager and was about to do my lil fix i got a shock. The towns tattoo artist and the owner of the apartment i think it was walked by and It was the mom and dad of the family i just put it! Eeeeek the clones are attacking!

    Not game ruin but dont think i wan’t clones of my towns people. Would most likely give very akward moments and completely bonkers moments! Not to mention all misunderstandings….

  271. 01 / 15 / 13

    Autumn says:

    Will this work with seasons since you used custom skies/weather

  272. 01 / 15 / 13

    Springfairy556 says:

    This is beautiful! Wonder if seasons will work with it.Kind of wish there was more than 9 families.But oh well.:P

  273. 01 / 16 / 13

    Springfairy556 says:

    Sorry for so many posts, is there a way to remove the custom weather/skies? Its messing up the full moon and seasons.

  274. 01 / 16 / 13

    Carrie says:

    This world is brilliant! I really want to play it, but its just so sluggish, I can’t even pause my game without it freezing for a second(I do have Overwatch)

  275. 01 / 24 / 13

    Springfairy556 says:

    I play this world quite a bit! I love it! and Overwatch is a life saver.It found 210 unroutable sims.No wonder my game was snailing along.

  276. 01 / 25 / 13

    Fur says:

    Hi sarah,

    great world and i really want it, so i have all the expansions, even all the stuff packs till the end of 2012, but when i come to the main menu, i can see the world st. claire but i cant click on it to open. If i roll my mouse over it, it saids: perhaps you have deleted an expension pack that is needed, but i have them all! How is that possible?


  277. 01 / 27 / 13

    Cupcakepuppy says:

    How do u download the families? I’m kinda new at this… :)

  278. 01 / 31 / 13

    Ajmalloy says:

    I am afraid to say, its crashing to desktop after 15 – 20 min on my system too. :(

  279. 02 / 02 / 13

    Russell says:

    This.Is.The.BEST.Custom.World.I.EVER.Downloaded! (I mean apart from ‘Setra’,hot sand is not my type)

  280. 02 / 02 / 13

    Sarah says:

    Everyone who is experiencing lag or unroutable sims, please download the update instead.

  281. 02 / 21 / 13

    Enalon says:

    I’ve notices a couple of issues just in the past two days of playing. The apartment at 4 Poole, Sims can’t get in or out of it, the doors for the front entrance are just inside the building. Also the fencing outside Marbeck’s Karaoke Bar wasn’t working/letting sims in? The Mixologist just stands outside and yells about not being able to get inside.

  282. 02 / 23 / 13

    Evelyn F says:

    I don’t have all EP’s, and it works perfectly fine for me. Some things I know are missing but the game just replaces them :D wonderful place I am playing with it.

  283. 03 / 02 / 13

    Christian says:

    This world looks amazing! I will try it as soon as the download finish =D


  284. 03 / 06 / 13

    ana carolina says:

    hello! i have all EPs, and the words works good, but i have a problem: the weather. its weird, because the sky’s colors keep changin… thats fail my game ):

  285. 03 / 09 / 13

    Conclue says:

    I just downloaded this world yesterday and am playing around in it to see if I want to use it for my legacy.I have to tell you I’m blown by how detailed you have made this world.

    This was my first CC world and I’m just now realizing what I’m missing. Store worlds may be beautiful, but this is all set! It has everything you could possibly think of. I’m scared of how it will run with all those MOO build cheats but nonetheless this world is GORGEOUS! Such a beautiful job. I love the feel of the world. It’s so cozy and realisitic. Like a nice old school brick city. I love this world! :)

  286. 03 / 10 / 13

    MB. says:

    Incredible world! It has everything my Sim need.

  287. 03 / 11 / 13

    morgane says:


    I can’t seem to install the world, when I run my game it loads and my game stops. :/

  288. 03 / 17 / 13

    Jessi says:

    I love this world!! Would there be a way to use in CAW to make an area for a stable?

  289. 03 / 18 / 13

    Tess says:

    how does this work if you do not have world aventures?

  290. 03 / 24 / 13

    Timmetjah says:

    i have all eps till showtime but i still cant play with the save file??????
    it says i dont have the needed EP’s ???? :( do you know whats wrong

  291. 03 / 28 / 13

    Bryanna says:

    Hi there! First off the your world looks amazing and i cant wait to play in it! But im having issues downloading it. Im not exactly sure how to “extract the files from the rara,” as you said. Can you please go through how to do this whole process? Thank you and sorry im new to the mod sims type of thing!

    Thanks again!

  292. 04 / 02 / 13

    ana carolina says:

    the world is PERFECT, but i can’t play with low graphics… can u update for low graphics? the sky’s change to many colors, and it’s bad… so I have to put at the best quality.. we just want a “worst” graphic.. U know what I mean?

  293. 04 / 11 / 13

    Lorena Rezende says:

    Hey, can you put in sims3pack?? and i LOVED this world *u*

  294. 04 / 25 / 13

    Blake says:

    I have found a routing problem. 2 of my sims were at a simfest in Chesney Hall (upper floor). Then they were called to a graduation ceremony at Stary School. The 2 male sims tried to exit by walking into the women’s restroom, and got stuck there. Bizarre eh?

  295. 06 / 27 / 13

    SydneyB. says:

    I totally love your work, this world is completely amazing ! I love playing with it. Really great job !

  296. 07 / 01 / 13

    Alysha says:

    I have never downloaded a custom world from anyone before because i’ve never fully liked it. but this? omg. it has EVERYTHING, all in one world. i love it so much you have no idea lol -girlcrushing-
    I was thinking of taking a haitus from the sims since it was getting boring but now? I can’t get enough.
    thank you so much for this amazing world. -starts singing a whole new world-

  297. 07 / 01 / 13

    Tim Collins says:

    Is there someway of turning the save game into a world file?

  298. 07 / 02 / 13

    Alex says:

    Hey I am wondering how to download this world for a mac, and also, does it require expansion packs? I am new to the game. Thanks!

  299. 07 / 08 / 13

    Disappointed says:

    Epic fail honey leave the worlds to the EA Team please!!!

  300. 07 / 09 / 13

    Mike says:

    how does it work on mac? Its a .rar file when i download it so it dosnt do anything.. any other mac links? Help??

  301. 07 / 11 / 13

    Jessica says:

    Hello its an amazing beautiful world! But due to me purchasing a new computer a zip file extractor doesn’t work on my computer. Is there any way for you to please please put this on the exchange! I really want to play on this world!

  302. 07 / 23 / 13

    Sophie says:

    Whenever I go to St Claire the sea water is black or extremely dark blue. It happens almost every time…any idea what the problem might be??

  303. 08 / 03 / 13

    sam milby says:

    does this have the new island paradise features?

  304. 12 / 17 / 13

    divas says:

    What’s up, just wanted to say, I liked this post. It was funny.

    Keep on posting!

  305. 01 / 10 / 14

    Dominique says:

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    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She
    placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a
    hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

  306. 01 / 29 / 14

    bolas vaginales says:

    Hi my friend! I wish to say that this post is awesome, great
    written and include almost all vital infos.
    I would like to peer more posts like this .

  307. 02 / 22 / 14

    emulateur ps3 says:

    This design is steller! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own
    blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.

    Too cool!

  308. 04 / 22 / 14

    Ellie says:

    hiya when i download it, it won’t show up in my worlds list.

  309. 07 / 25 / 14

    Aya Almaghrabi says:

    This is the best Sims 3 world I have found so far. I play sometimes with the originals but when I make a sim that I want to play with till the end(Myself as a sim) I choose this world. A very big thank you!

  310. 09 / 30 / 14

    Oakley says:

    Mediafire is saying that the file has been deleted. Same for the updated version. Is there any other way I can get this?

  311. 10 / 02 / 14

    Miro11912 says:

    Just as Oakley said, Mediafire is stating that the file has been deleted. Could someone please reupload it? Thanks.

  312. 10 / 11 / 14

    phoebe says:

    MediaFire says that its been deleted can someone please reupload it?

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  314. 11 / 15 / 14

    Jai Coop 220 says:

    I love this world, it looks so pretty, but i can’t download it for some odd reason. It says the file was been deleted. Has anyone else had this problem. I relly want it, can someone help me? Please someone respond

  315. 11 / 15 / 14

    Jai Coop 220 says:

    I love this world, it looks so pretty, but i can’t download it for some odd reason. It says the file was been deleted. Has anyone else had this problem. I really want it, can someone help me? Please someone respond

  316. 01 / 25 / 16

    Kamari says:

    Im new to this and I was wondering where do you put the save game files ..?

  317. 07 / 23 / 16

    xXx_mlgsweg_xXx says:

    this world/map has suited well for my mlg purposes. good scenery and lots are beauts. better than EA worlds that rob me of money i could have used to buy sample text tortilla chips and sample text dew.

    nice map m8 i r8 8/8 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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