The Blue Room Jazz Bar for Queenstown + Bonus Tile set

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Good day! Sorry, I know I have been a bit slack with new meshes lately, but today I have for you a brand new club for Queenstown. Corrigans Jazz bar wasn’t really doing it for me any more, and I wanted something a bit more.. I dunno.. classy I guess. We were playing LA Noire a lot this week so this lot is pretty much inspired by the Blue Room in that. Its not as swanky but you do what you can with the Sims, right?

It has a bar that anyone can access, with tables for eating, and bathroom facilities, and there is an exclusive room where all the music and dancing happens. The bar replaces Corrigans Jazz Bar in Queenstown, but if you have a lot over 17×31 you can put it anywhere!

EP Requirements:

Requires All EP’s to Late Night

SP Items:
Monolithic Lumens from Outdoor Living Stuff pack

CC Requirements:
Note: If you have Queenstown installed with all the required CC, you will probably already have most of these items in your game.

Indigo Sims Curtains
High Style wall light from Jazz Age Living Set
Velvet Seclusion Curtain from Hacienda Luxury Set
Turn the Tables Dining table
BahHaus Immaculate Window from BahHaus Set
Croon to me Softly Mic Stand from Jazz Age Living Set
Terra plant
Awesims Mid Mod Bathroom
Awesims Tile wall & floor set found in this post

Change Gobo light colour to blue, stars, randomised movement.

Download The Blue Room.  |  downloaded 4219 times

There’s a bonus that comes with this lot – well it doesnt exactly come WITH it but I’m including it here because I used it a lot and figured I’d share.


I have for a long time wanted a fully featured tile wall & floor set for my mid century homes. Patterns and EA walls just didn’t cut the mustard, and you know that saying “if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself!” so I did!

The Field Tile wall and floor set includes:

5 Walls (4 recolourable channels)
floors (2-4 recolourable channels)
1 pattern (3 recolourable channels)

Found in the Tile section of both walls & floors. Pattern found in tile category.

Download the Tiled walls & Floors.  |  downloaded 8627 times

There has been 29 comments so far

  1. 05 / 30 / 11

    Sailfindragon says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the goodies. lol

  2. 05 / 30 / 11

    JintyAhoy says:

    Love the tiles. I can see them making an appearance in lots of my Simmies Bathrooms. Also… LA Noire is freakin’ Awesome!

  3. 05 / 30 / 11

    Marisa says:

    Nice work! LA Noire is a great game, isn’t it. :D

  4. 05 / 30 / 11

    ViolettaVie says:

    Just want to compliment you on the club. It looks amazing.

  5. 05 / 30 / 11

    baufive says:

    These walls – honestly, they’re identical to my RL Barbie pink 50s bathroom – THANKS! I love them :)

  6. 05 / 31 / 11

    Dutchysim says:

    Sarah, They blue Room won’t install with my launcher, just like your houses did. Do you maybe have the lot file so I can put it in my Library?

    Thanks for the lot and it looks great!

  7. 05 / 31 / 11

    Jenba says:

    The Blue Room looks amazing, and I adore that tiled wall set! That’s going straight into the house I’m working on right now. ;) Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. 05 / 31 / 11

    Dutchysim says:

    Sarah, I already found the lot file. For other people with the same problem its,

    Thanks again for the club!

  9. 05 / 31 / 11

    Kilc*a says:

    These tiles are so nice and clean! Where is this mirror from?

  10. 05 / 31 / 11

    lpvinyl21 says:

    Sarah, these are amazing! Thank you for sharing :)

  11. 05 / 31 / 11

    Sarah says:

    baufive, so jealous of your pink bathroom!!

    thanks also for pointing that out dutchysim :)

    and kilc*a the mirror is from late night if its the one in the pink bathroom you mean.

  12. 06 / 01 / 11

    Kilc*a says:

    Thanks for the answer, Sarah!

  13. 06 / 05 / 11

    alexpilgrim says:

    Sarah, I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for a while, it’s great to have you back! And I love love love the tile set and all your new lots!


  14. 06 / 06 / 11

    Lauren says:

    I love the tile. The only problem I have is I can not see it in game. I downloaded it and I can see the thumbnail but the wall tile will not show up. The floors work and so does the pattern just not the walls. Help!

  15. 06 / 09 / 11

    Ida says:

    I’m having the same problem as Lauren. The floor works fine, but the walls are blank/grey. Looks like an unpainted wall. Lovely floor though, I’ve already used it for several bathrooms.

  16. 06 / 16 / 11

    Coralia says:

    I’m having problems with the walls too. I was getting the blank/unpainted walls, but I uninstalled, then reinstalled them. Now I see the walls but even though there seems to be four channels I can only change one — one channel covers the entire wall. I’m trying to reinstall it again to see if the file has been updated. Crossing my fingers. I would usually give up but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern set.

  17. 06 / 18 / 11

    dimdona says:


    Il doit y avoir un problème quelque par sur ce bar, car quand je l’ai chargé, et que je l’ai installé dans mon laucher. Au dépars il le charge, mais quand je vais dans mon jeux pour modifier le bar existant par celui ci, et bien je m’aperçois qu’il n’est pas dans ma liste de bâtiments communautaires??? je quitte le jeu et je relance mon jeu, et là surprise je m’aperçois que le bar n’est plus installé dans chargement, mais il figure toujours dans téléchargement, près à être installé?? Du coup je n’ai pas pu installer le bar, de plus j’ai acheté le mobilier requis que tu as indiqué dans l’explicatif.

    Au final j’ai de nouveau article que j’ai acheté sur le store, mais je n’ai pas le bar :(

    Peux-tu me dire si il manque une étape que j’ai sauté dans le processus d’installation???

    A plus

  18. 07 / 29 / 11

    Ben says:

    To dimdona and Dutchysim

    I have the same problem both of you. Dutchysims, i didnt really understood your solution about your lot file? Help me please. I really want this bar lol. Or Sarah, can you help me?

  19. 08 / 04 / 11

    Ben says:

    Who can help me? It doesn’t want to install…

  20. 08 / 06 / 11

    Crystal says:

    Hi Ben, here’s a link to what DutchySim was referencing to.
    And this is a link to Sarah’s Mid-Century homes page where the previous link was found.

    Basically some people are having problems installing lots VIA launcher so that first link is a work around, the numbers DutchySim posted is the name of the Blue Jazz Room file that’s extracted from the Sims3Pack when you install it VIA launcher. If you don’t understand right away it’s fine, the walk around will help you.

  21. 08 / 06 / 11

    Dutchysim says:


    You have to look for this lot file x1311e00d495d5480469eb20c82a58dbb. in your DCC backup folder in your The sims my documents folder. When you found it put the file in your Library folder and your game should see the lot!

  22. 08 / 06 / 11

    Ben says:

    Thx alot Crystal and Dutchysim, it now works.

    It’s really appreciated :)

  23. 08 / 06 / 11

    Dutchysim says:

    Your welcome, have fun!

  24. 08 / 06 / 11

    Crystal says:

    :3 Mhm. <3

  25. 08 / 07 / 11

    Sarah says:

    Dutchysim, thank you so much for all your help :) :)

  26. 08 / 09 / 11

    Dutchysim says:

    Your welcome!
    I hope your family and you are doing fine. :)

  27. 08 / 13 / 11

    Bethy says:

    All your objects are just lovely! Loving The Blue Room. I’ve been working on a L.A. Noire themed game for some time and this is perfect. Now I just need to find some L.A. Noire character sims and I’ll be set. lol

  28. 08 / 15 / 11

    Coralia says:

    Does anyone have a fix/solution for the walls? Or maybe I’m recoloring them wrong? How do you get the tile/border tile vs wallpaper to work? I add a pattern to any wall and it covers the entire wall. Any suggestions?

  29. 03 / 25 / 12

    Crystal says:

    I got this lot into my game using “TSR Merlin” for anyone still experiencing troubles.

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